Would Switching from IR to XR be Good for Me? How does XR/IR Compare? thanks

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      Looking for some advice from someone who has been through my situation or knows a thing or two about XR. I have been on 30mg Adderall IR for nearly 9 months. Recently as my tolerance has began to dwindle, I’ve learned a few things about my ADHD off/on the meds.ain thing is that I benefit most from them in the morning. I feel like I’m morming ADHD, and that when the evening comes I can function to an acceptable level w/o the meds. With that said, instead of upping my dose, I’m considering talking eith my doctor about putting me on 20mg XR with maybe 10mg a day of IR incase I need it for that day/evening.

      I like this because I won’t be taking more and I think it will do the trick long term.

      My questions are: how was it switching from IR to XR? How long does XR actually last? Does it feel different? And do you think I’ll run into issues not taking it in the evening on the regular?

      My ADHD stems from a mix of attention/behavioral issues. Attention in classic sense, behavioral in yhe sense of getting overwhelmed and acting impulsive. But none of that is to the extreme.

      Thanks for any input in advance.

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      Penny Williams

      You’re talking about going from immediate release to extended (time) release. With the XR, the medication is “released” over time, where IR is the entire dose immediately. FOr my son, we found that the time-release meds were much more even.

      The medication will tell you what the expected duration of effectiveness (DOE) is. Reality is individualized though, due to genetics and metabolism. So you won’t know for sure unless you try it.

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