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      I’m Daniel, a brazilian geologist recently diagnosed as ADHD. I started to take concerta (36mg) two months ago. So here are my doubts:

      How long It takes to feel the difference. Because, until now, I don’t really know if I am focusing better.

      Second: as a geologist, sometimes I have to work with big databases, a Lot of different data, and I have always failed a lot in it. Even If I work for 20h only in one table, I usually commite bizarre mistakes. Do my focus Will get better just with medication? Or I really need a therapist to overcome this? I am in a good Company now, so get things done (and rightly done) will save my job.

      PS.: Sorry if what I wrote isn’t clear. I didn’t use translator, but all I know of english came from 90’s games.

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      Hi Daniel,

      Did you mean you learned English from video games in the 90’s? If so, I am impressed… I am not sure how comparable English is to Portuguese, but I do know English is not an easy language so anyone who can express themselves through what they learned on the playground/tv/video games is impressive.

      Anyways, medication is not a universal experience. I personally felt a difference immediately but still needed help learning how to manage attention and focus. ADHD medication is an amazing resource but aren’t meant to be a magical cure all.

      I know that sometimes finding the right medication is a trial and error process. I would vote for going back to therapy… you may need to adjust medication. Or maybe now that you are on the meds, you will be able to learn different work habits supported by the medication you are taking.

      Good luck with everything and remember you aren’t alone in your experiences. Someone on here is bound to have some advice that you will identify with.

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      Penny Williams

      The first medication and dosage isn’t likely to be the right one. Getting the most effective medication for an individual usually takes trial and error:

      ADHD Medications Rarely Work Perfectly On the First Try

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Uncle Dharma

      I worked as a geologist, mostly in exploration.
      I think my ADD helped me to be able to see correlations that others could not.

      Handling numerical data is not my good point. I can handle graphic data much better.

      Can you print some data to a graph so it can be ‘seen’ better?

      Nowadays, my meds enable me to do this type of boring methodical work much better.

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      Not all meds are the same
      Your doc is not always right
      Find the best combination for you. A good doc will help you with this.

      Hi Daniel,

      I work in IT at a high technical level, and I understand your issue. I was diagnosed at 44 years old, and luckily I have found medication life changing. However, it wasn’t a straight forward process.
      I was started titration on Xaggatin XL which is amazing. The method was to increase my dosage by 18mg per week until I was on 54mg (3 x 18mg pills. I was then prescribed a single pill of 54mg per day, and it just made my high. Couldn’t concentrate and I felt like I was taking street drugs… I was stoned. After discussing this with my Psychiatrist I returned to the single pills, but then found they wore off after 6 hours. I’m now on 5 x 18mg which i take 3 in the morning and two early afternoon (I work long hours).

      Now, I was twice accidentally prescribed Concerta XL which I tried each time, and each time it just left me ‘foggy’. That is, unable to concentrate at the level I could on Xaggatin XL. Concerts and Xaggatn are the same product, except for the fact that they are produced by different companies, on license, but are coated in a different delivery agent. There is a big difference, trust me.

      Discuss with your prescribing doc. Get the meds and the balance right and you will discover a new world of focus. It’s amazing.

      Good luck my friend.


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