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      I’m so confused how everyone has careers?! I am so easily bored and find myself so disorganised at work (receptionist) not able to get anything done. Iv been on medication for a pretty long time but my brain is still on a completely different planet. Everyone literally thinks I’m the most spacey person ever and just think I’m dumb! I can’t even tell a story to someone without forgetting what I’m saying. Nobody takes me seriously at all and all my coworkers think I’m lazy and don’t care. Not to mention I literally loose EVERYTHING and I am a complete mess. I just wanna get paid for doing nothing lol, my life would be much simpler.

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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like this type of job may not be a good fit for you. A receptionist often has to multi-task and have strong executive functioning skills, which are often a challenge with ADHD. Think about what you’re interested in and passionate about and then consider what jobs would allow you to work in an area of interest.

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