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      Our 10 yo son with ADD takes Medikinet CR 20mg on a daily basis. This helps him focus during schooldays. However, it doesn’t help him with his word finding problems. He has had treatment for possible speech processing disorders, but according to his therapists doesn’t seem to have those. Yet he does have difficulties to immediately find the right words for what he wants to express and needs to think long and hard before it pops up in his head. This has a large impact on his social life. He is misunderstood frequently and kids aren’t going to wait patiently for him to finish his sentences. So he becomes more and more silent. Is there anyone here who knows which meds might possibly help him? We live in NL so might have less access to some medications compared to the US, but I can’t find anything on this subject here so would really appreciate your thoughts, advice and experiences.
      Thanks so much in advance for sharing!
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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like you might need to do some additional evaluations to see if there’s a learning disability or other challenge also going on. It could be really poor working memory, which is common with ADHD. To my knowledge, there isn’t a medication that targets quicker thinking and reactions (definitely not ADHD medications).

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      Thank you for your response. In Europe there’s a new medication on the market since September. It’s called Elvanse (also known as Samexid, Tyvense, Venvanse, and Vyvanse), a lisdexamfetamine which works for up to 12 hours. My son uses this as of last week. It immediately worked like a charm on his speech and word finding problems. It’s great to witness him react directly and on the same level as his peers. This really helps him socially. Perhaps it might benefit others with the same problem too, so I thought I should share this with you.

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