Withdrawals from being unplugged for three days.

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      Some would say I’m an internet addict, in some respects, yes I am, but not like you assume.
      I don’t care much for social media, I crave knowledge, I read articles or watch videos on a vast amount of my interests (science, art, woodworking, blacksmithing, A.D.H.D. etc) I have an insatiable curiosity.
      I love manga and anime, so when I first read Ghost in the shell, I now long for the day that I can connect to the net without an external device.
      So over the weekend, the cell tower that serves my home went haywire, I could only make calls out but no text, email or internet, it was difficult to curb my urges to pickup my phone (didn’t matter there was no internet) when I had a thought about something and wanted to look it up.

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      Oh hey, another ravenous knowledge-seeker.

      Do you have a library you can go to? If so, go there and read all the things. The gratification is not as quick as instantly conjuring up random crap on your phone, but it’s better and more satisfying, and you can read about anything, and generally in way more depth than you get from web articles. My hyperfocus kicks in and I keep reading – stuff like architecture and botany, biographies, coffee table books with nice pictures in them, everything. There have been times when I’ve been out and about and stopped at the library to use the bathroom and charge my phone, and the next thing I know they’re announcing that the library is closing and to please leave.

      Bookstores are also good, but you have to be more careful with the books if you don’t want to buy them.

      I’m not a fan of social media either (I find Facebook to be the most boring place on the internet and I honestly don’t understand the appeal). I used to go on miserable “internet benders” – spending hours and hours clicking the next thing to read, Googling every random thing that came to my head, clicking the clickbait, all of it (but not social media because I can’t stand it), just to try to satiate the wonky reward circuitry in my brain. Meds and CBT have helped me knock it off, but yeah, it’s a thing and I feel you.

      I think if you give yourself a new source of stimulus, you’ll stop missing your phone internet. Happens to me all the time when I’m removed from my routine/internet access/video games for whatever reason. Going into the woods and collecting interesting seed pods in film canisters becomes very interesting, and I stop being bothered by not having internet because I’ve let my brain latch onto other things/found other outlets. Takes me a day or so to adjust. And then when I get my internet back and leave the woods, I’ll be missing my seed pod collecting.

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        I like the library but it’s not a practical distance, the main reason the outage bothered me, was on account of the weather over the weekend, sustained high winds and low temperatures made it literally dangerous to be outside. Otherwise I could’ve busied myself with plenty to do outside.
        Also I could’ve done some art, but the problem there is, I have to be in the mood or else it feels like work, it has to be enjoyable for it to flow.
        If I can get into a good hyperfocus I won’t touch my phone the whole day which is good, but I also don’t drink or eat anything either which is not good, for one art class project I had a ten hour hyperfocus, My piece amazed my teacher but the exhaustion made me pretty sick.

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      That would be tough on me too! No doubt! Having the world at my figure tips, and having the need to know NOW has become my norm too. I also love my outdoor hobby of “metal detecting” even though my left knee is so uncooperative and causes me to look like a REALLY old person trying to get up off the ground from a kneeling position. But, you know- that might even cause me more frustration if I came back from metal detecting just to have no internet, because THEN, how would I be able to search and find the value, or from what era did this treasure come from, or what it was! But WAIT, how are you able to send this through so we can read it without internet?

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        It happened over the weekend, I went shopping and sat in my car and searched how to contact them about it, to my displeasure the most effective way meant I (ugh! ) had download the Twitter app (eye roll) they said that it was a known issue, (yeah, right) also said that techs were working to resolve the problem, I know that was a lie because it wasn’t until exactly seven thirty A.M. that it was working again, when the tech got to work and reset a server.
        Sorry, with as much as my bill is, being out of service for an entire weekend is unacceptable.
        Unlike some people I still have a landline for this exact reason, if there was an emergency even though I could call out, it didn’t always go through.

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