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      I am a 44 year old woman and just this past month, woke up to the idea that I’ve likely had inattentive ADD my whole life. I also suffer from chronic depression; it’s come and gone throughout my life since pre-teen. I was medicated for a few years after an acutely severe depressive spell in adulthood. Anyway since my ADD realization, my mind feels freed up from all the frustration and negative thoughts I’ve harbored against myself for being “wrong”. This alone has eleviated a lot of my ADD symptoms because I can use coping mechanisms to deal with symptoms when I’m not weighed down by self-deprecating thoughts encircling my mind all day, and replaying conversations and thoughts in my head. Those things magically disappeared when I realized there’s a reason for my symptoms rather than “I just suck.” Hallelujah!

      BUT this past week, my depression flared up and I noticed that the ADD symptoms were worse. So my question is this: Are there any meds that are situational/temporary that could help me during these times (without having to be on them all of the time?)…meds that target clarity of thought only and might support me more through my depression? I am very tired of feeling overwhelmed and felt so free when first self-diagnosed, but was upset that it returned when my depressive episode struck. I do not want to medicate for depression. If there is something I can take temporarily to boost my clarity during these episodes (they are usually few and far between these days) I will consider going to all the expense of being diagnosed. Ideas?

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      Best advice I can say, is ADHD never goes ‘away’ even with medication.
      Medication for me, has helped give clarity and helps me prioritize my thoughts, tasks etc. I can always tell when it kicks in bc it’s like someone’s turned on the light in a dark room or I’m wearing glasses for the first time.

      The first step, is not self-diagnosis, but getting a real diagnosis. They range from being a very basic questionnaire to a more-in depth diagnosis (ie Spect scan).

      I have occasional “meltdowns” that hit me, & for me–the medication doesn’t keep these from happening. I’m on the asd spectrum—so that’s why that happens for me.

      For the most part, I don’t deal with depression–so I’m sorry you have to deal with that.
      Not every ADHD person is going to be a simple—stimulant only prescription
      Some people might require an SSRI+stimulant—-it really depends on what your brain “needs.” That’s why I push the Spect scans, w/o seeing your brain, most Dr’s/ourselves–we’re just guessing & playing trial by error.

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