why won't military take people that take adderall

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      Does anyone know why the military doesn’t take people that have taken stimulates? A friend of mine said her son was going to join the military but they found out he had taken medication 10 years ago. He hadn’t taken it for 10 years and currently wasn’t on anything. Apparently he was misdiagnosed started taken medication but it didn’t help. To me that doesn’t sound right.

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      Dr. Eric

      The short answer is that the probability of making catastrophic life or death decisions/actions while sleep deprived, malnourished and injured with no access to full medical care unless you are medivac’d out as a casualty requires a high standard of medical fitness for duty.

      I live next to Pendleton and we lose marines every couple of months while training, never mind fighting ISIS in a war with an enemy that publicly rapes and tortures children to death in the public square.

      I am attaching a link to the actual standards because I have seen a lot of people who “know” things that are not necessarily accurate.

      ADHD starts around page 44.

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