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      Im currently not diagnosed with ADHD but after doing a lot of research everything in my life just sort of fits. But every person I talk to thinks its absolutely impossible. I just had a friend tell me I must have lied to the doctor or be some sort of med seeker. The doctor prescribed me with ADHD medication when I balled my eyes out to him trying to explain and asked for the meds. I have essentially 1 friend, and she is the one telling me im some awful person. I dont know how to deal with this.

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      Ugh that is so so painful! I am so sorry! ADHD is real, but way too many people don’t believe it’s real. A lot of the time education helps – like if you’re someone who doesn’t present as a hyperactive little boy then you might not fit the ideas they have in their head. My favorite thing is to send a youtube video that explains what I want to explain (it’s never worth trying to do myself, it’s draining and hard.)

      You are not an awful person, you are not a lazy person trying to scam drugs. That idea kept me from seeking treatment for myself for a long time. The fact that you’ve advocated for yourself the way you have is really hard- convincing yourself to pursue help is something to be really proud of yourself for, by the way. Seriously, I admire you.

      As for your friend – do you best to remember that what she said really hurts and it’s okay to take some distance. That pain is so so real. I also encourage you to try and explain how painful this is to her, if you can. Explain how painful it can be to have ADHD, to see what you feel you ‘should’ be doing and for some reason not being able to get from point a to point b. How it makes you hard on yourself, it’s a real, proven problem, and she shouldn’t shame you for trying to address it.

      And as for making friends, I seriously recommend finding an ADHD support group. It’s much easier to make friends in those spaces.

      Sending love ad hope!

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      Sorry you friend is not educated on your situation. A group is a great suggestion as you will find like minded people hopefully who will support you and help you but not make it all they talk about. ADHD is real, it is not a character issue but a neurological one. Many don’t understand and take the time to see it play out day to day. Get treatment, surround yourself with people who get it, don’t take their impatience personal, and live your best life. 30 yrs married to Adhd spouse. The struggle is real but he has so many gifts to offer and I have my own set of issues. lol

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      Penny Williams

      That’s just awful. Hopefully some of the advice in this article will help:

      Enlightening an ADHD Non-Believer

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      You don’t owe anyone any explaination. I know she is your best friend, but if she truly is, she needs to work on her understanding. ADHD is a neuro-development disorder that shows up on brain scans. It is 100% legit & you can show her brain scans on dr. amen clinics website: under “The Science.” You should not feel bad or shame bc someone doesn’t understand. I’m sorry about all that.

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