Why does hydrocodone help my adhd but adderall doesn’t?

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    Let me start by saying I’m in no way a drug addict. In fact I’m quite careful with medications. I do struggle with anxiety and depression, most likely from the ptsd. So please know I’m really just searching for help. Over the years I’ve had a few minor surgeries and was prescribed hydrocodone. I only take half a pill at the lowest dose. However, I finally have focus, motivation, my anxiety leaves, I have energy, and am even a bit social and thinking clearly. It changes my life, I would even make the deans list in college. I’ve been diagnosed with adhd and am currently on adderall. I’ve tried Ritalin and concerta. All three do the same thing – wretched anxiety, laziness like I’m a zombie, overfocus on only one thing wasting productivity, stomach ache, headache and bladder pain. My questions is, what do I do?? Is there anything similar to hydrocodone chemically to help with the adhd? It’s torture knowing there’s something that FINALLY turns your life around yet you can’t have it, you’re instead given junk causing pain. 😔 I hope someone has advice and thank you in advance

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    I can absolutely relate to you!!! I was on vyvance and it made me nuts. Like I needed anything else to do that… I have serious injuries and nerve damage and was on pain medication and can say when I used it correctly it does exactly what u say. My problem was my conditions are beyond surgical help and after years of pain meds no matter how perfect or low a dose u take eventually your body will build up tolerances. Then I had dr who had me on pain meds anxiety meds vyvance … a crazy combo and infortunanly addiction happens at even the carefulest dose so then u feel like garbage. Pain meds EVEN by themselves at a low dose are eventually gonna make you feel worse. I got off ALL them. You might try kratom. Despite some of the neg press it’s legal it’s natural and from experience I can tell u it has so many benefits. I have taken for a while and still same dose I never feel sick or any kind of withdrawals like I once did with percocet and lortab and vyvance. And they work off the same receptors in your brain. There are different strands that have slightly different effects so you have to see which one works best for you. But as someone who has taken them all and researched … I would recommend highly esp if hydrocodone worked for you. If CbD or pot is legal where u r I’d try that too. Honestly pot works so well for my ADHD I’m not your typical lazy .. it motivates and focus me … like usual our brains are opposite most right? It’s not legal yet here so I stick with kratom and also when I stick to a gluten free almost sugar free diet I feel better too. Hope it helps!!
    Just research and study to find right dose and strand carefully

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    Different medications work differently for everyone. Try Guanfacine! It’s an anti hypertensive used for ADD/ADHD that might have the similar CNS depressant effect hydro gives you. It’s totally different than Adderall.

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    I take Guanfacine and Vyvanse. I sometimes take Adderall if I need to extend concentration longer in the day. I dont like Adderall, It makes me very cranky so I dont often take it. There are two classes of ADHD medication that work on the brain differently. Adderall is in one and Vyvanse is in the other, but there are also several others in eack category).There are also non stimulant ADHD medication (Stratera I think one is called) which might be what you need. A psychiatrist should be able to help you work through this to find the right medication.

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    Maybe try clonidine or something? I can’t do Strategies bc it has no dopamine thus will not help my constant need to do vigorous exercise 24-7, and gives me serotonin syndrome. Adderral XR plus Adderal instant around 3-5 pm helps me. But here is another question:
    The pain meds (opiates) release endorphins, the transmitter that blocks pain naturally via the body. I mentioned exercise above, that’s my biggest coping skill. Long distance runner, and do lots of intervals and hill repeats and tabata for cross training. Reason I ask, is that the more vigorous the cardio is, the bigger the rush of endorphins. At a long long duration at a hard-ish pace, brain scans have shown it to produce as many endorphins as herion (that’s of its 20 plus miles, but less distance like 5-6 will be more like a lortab). Also been proven to help focus too.

    Do you currently exercise? How much? Lots of cardio options if u don’t like running, or have bad joints (swim, elliptical, etc). I have to have variety and intensity and duration. Duration to get enough time in to get the endorphins and dopamine, and vigourous and variety so I am not bored and I stay “in the moment” vs counting down the minutes

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    I get this entirely! Within 40 minutes of taking a hydrocodone 7.5, it is like experiencing a spiritual awakening. Focus. Instant jolt out of 3+week depressive episode. Better sleep. I function on a constant rotation of various things. It is good to know I am not the only one.

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