Why do schools for special needs have to cost so much?

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      It makes me angry that our government expects parents, with children with disabilities, to pay out of pocket, about 20k-50k a year, for a school specializing in disabilities (whether it’s physical, none-physical, or a learning disability). Popping pills and a regular school with a learning strategies class is NOT ENOUGH to sort out real problems that those of us with ADHD, high functioning autism, executive functioning disorder, sensory disorders, intellectual disabilities, dyslexia, etc. Especially of it’s a combination of these.

      Even if medication does help, for many of us the side effects do outweigh the pros. Basically you have to be upper class or rich to afford a really good school. People somehow think our issues magically leave us once we reach adulthood, they don’t! It’s important that children get an early head start once their brains are still in development. In fact, it’s CRUCIAL THAT THEY DO!! It’s like neurotypicals don’t actually care and like to give themselves a good pat on the back for “helping us,” but if you REALLY want to help us, then why aren’t those tax funded like normal public schools?

      I’m not an expert in economics, but it’s sad how we don’t get enough opportunities as is. Most of us can’t afford schools like those. The ones that do offer those special curriculums are private schools. They should be made public! Many of us are actually quite intelligent. We just happen to learn differently, but it’s extremely difficult to use it to our full potential of we get the same cardboard cut-out of sitting at a desk and listening to boring lectures all day, almost every day.

      I’ve been seeing an educational therapist when I was a little girl for about two or three years. She was an educational therapist who also happened to be my great aunt. Without her, I would not be able to write what I’m writing today. Was she alone enough to prepare me for public school? No. That’s what these specialized schools are for. You get catered to your specific needs and you are taught in a small classroom setting that you can function in. They are meant to prepare you for public school and the real world. Public schools will not do that for you. My aunt had taught me to the best of her ability for someone like me who was homeschooled, but it wasn’t enough. I needed to go to a GOOD specialized school where I’m taught by a variety of experts in a class setting that catered to my needs because it wasn’t enough.

      So why do WE have to pay for something so expensive for something we are born with that we cannot help? It’s not like we’re asking for equal results but equal opportunities. And frankly I don’t see enough of it of it.

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