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      No one else in my family has it. My mother was a sensible woman. I’ve never met my father but he was a chemical engineer so I don’t think he had it. Anyway none of my aunts or uncles have it. My grandmother didn’t have it. There is no one I’m related to that has it except me. When I was two I fell down some stairs and hit my head but apparently was OK. I was an honor student in college graduating at 20 although I could have done better if I hadn’t kept losing my notes and textbooks. I’m an underachiever. I never made much money in spite of 6 years of college. Did I get it when I fell down stairs? Did it skip several generations?

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      Penny Williams

      It’s not always easy to pinpoint the source of one’s ADHD. It can happen after brain injury and I’m sure it can skip generations genetically. Exposure to cigarette smoke and/or chemicals can also trigger ADHD (say some studies). And, just because your mom is sensible and your dad was a successful engineer doesn’t mean that couldn’t have ADHD.

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