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    About two years ago, my son was evaluated and diagnosed with ADHD-Inattentive Type. One of the suggestions was to explore getting on meds.

    We have resisted this idea until recently. But now that we are ready to explore the options, I’m not sure what type of specialist is best to assess/prescribe?

    My friend who works in the field says I can just go to my pediatrician who would have dosage info and reasonable knowledge, but it feels like something that warrants a specialist.

    Who should I reach out to. I’m kind of at a point where I want to try the treatment sooner than later. We have waited a long time and his schoolwork (and self-confidence) are not great.

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    In my experience, we had the assessments done by a psychiatrist. And likewise resisted medication for several years. When we did begin exploring medication, we again went to the psychiatrist for input and took that input to my son’s pediatrician. I felt more comfortable getting the prescription from the pediatrician because he knew my son’s overall health condition. My son is very small and I was very worried about what some of the appetite suppression side effects might have on his overall health. The pediatrician was able to monitor more of his overall well being.

    That being said, we are very lucky and our pediatrician seems highly knowledgeable in ADHD treatment. He spent a long time with us explaining his reasoning for certain meds, what side effects could happen, etc. And when my son’s weight became an issue, he was also able to do a bone age test and recommend certain options to help with his appetite.

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