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      I’ve been changed by my pharmacy so many times I can’t keep up.
      What is everyones opinion on the best generic brand to request or inqure about?
      20mg or 30 mg IR

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      Oval-shaped peach color 20mg , made by Teva. I had the same problem when I was going to smaller pharmacies, so I finally have consistently been getting this same brand from a busier Walmart super center pharmacy in our area for over a year. I always ask before I give them my prescription if that exact generic is what I’ll receive. Only one time did they have a supply issue, so I went down the block and Walgreens carried that generic too. It easily melts under your tongue too, better even than the brand name. That’s the way I take it.

      The only problem is I have to go pick up the medications myself, and I’ve been trying to organize my home for seven centuries. So it interrupts my momentum.

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      I have actually had the opposite experience of “elibrown” above. I have in the past had to change my pharmacy to avoid the Teva brand. Several years ago I had been taking one brand (I believe Aurobindo) for quite some time, and my pharmacy ran out of that particular brand and replaced with Teva. It took me a few days to make the connection but the Teva brand made me feel terrible. Sick to my stomach, exhausted, shakey. It was very unpleasant. I stopped it for a couple days, felt better and tried it again and had the same exact symptoms immediately. My doctor actually puts on my scripts “No Teva”. She explained that there could be an inactive ingredient in it that just doesn’t agree with me, or, that generic formulations sometimes differ slightly in strength, and I may have reacted to that. I now take Mylan which I find works great for me. I’ve heard the opposite though. I think everyone is just different and it’s important to find one that works best for you, and then try to stick with that one brand if possible. My pharmacy (smaller, privately owned, and fantastic) will keep in stock this particular brand for me which is great. It’s also great if you can find a kind and helpful (non judgmental) pharmacist that will work with you. Best of luck to you!!

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      Does anybody know what pharmacies in northern Maryland carry any generics other than Teva / Barr? The Walgreens I’ve been frequenting on York Road near Towson said they will not order any other generics.

      I know this is a long shot, but the T/B generic I’ve been taking for the last three years has become ineffective for me and I need to find an alternative.

      Specifically, I am looking for the generic made by Sandoz — which, at least years ago, was said to be closest to the name brand. Of course this was before Shire sold the name brand rights to Barr, which was subsequently acquired by Teva, almost a decade ago; so things may have changed since then.

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      …to be more specific, the generic made by Barr prior to the transfer of rights for the name brand was probably even worse than it is today. After the sale (around 2013?) it seemed to improve dramatically. I know this because I switched back and forth (between generic and NB) a number of times and because, following the sale, the name brand was made by the same company that also seems to distribute to just about every pharmacy in the area — meaning: whenever I switched between name brand and generic, it was always to a Teva/Barr product.

      And yes, regardless of what “they” claim, there is a big difference between name brand and generic. If I had to guess, based on my reaction to the Teva/Barr generic I’m taking now (9/1/2021), the generic barely seems to have any dextro-amphetamine effect: a) I mostly just feel peripheral nervous system effects (“weird” feelings in my body) and b) it does nearly nothing anymore to keep me awake. There was never a single instance while taking the name brand that I ever experienced anything like this — and I have taken both generic and name brand, at different times, for several years each (at least 3-4 years each without interruption). I am certainly not “imagining” that I can barely stay awake with these generics. It’s gotten to the point where even I have to weigh whether the side effects are worth it, since all there is anymo0re is side effects.

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