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      I’m currently a teacher assistant at a head start program basically 4-5 year olds and the thing I wish that would change is the level patience I have especially when they are not listening and also when other kids have conflicts with each other I tend to just observe and watch, I find it difficult and draining to keep redirecting them.

      That’s why I’m looking into nursing since it is fast pace (before I waste my money and time getting into the program), basically a trade (fast way make more money than current minimum wage) thinking while moving like teaching. My last resort is a trade electrician maybe even though I don’t have interest in mechanical things however I like the solving problem aspect like when my dad taught me how to do basic carpentry things. I love to “show off” my knowledge also I’m also realizing lot of people don’t know what a Phillips and or flat head is for screw driving type, this is also relatable when I help someone with a computer issue or plugging a cord in (simple to me)

      I got excellent feedback from my boss regarding interacting with the kids and positioning my self so I can watch all the kids (showing my passion), and it’s not like I’m blowing the kids off, I don’t feel stimulated when playing blocks or “playing with them by interacting more so just asking questions like where does mommy work and or adult level type questions.

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      Anna Martin

      Anything in which you’re genuinely interested. I find that a combination of medication, meditation, and yoga helps. For me, I began to function at age 21 and got a job as a sales consultant for a brand with an ethos that revolves around my whole lifestyle and perspective. Hence, I’m able to talk and talk about products, and I’m not required to listen for long periods. If you’re not interested in something, you’re not going to do it if you have ADHD, especially not as a job. I just got fired a lot; if you’re interested, then you will probably be able to do it because you’ll probably be fascinated with that thing (if you’ve found something you want to stick with, it took me years of flitting from one thing to another before I found what I liked).
      I think having ADHD can lead to being an incredibly authentic person. You can make wonderful and unique art that you create without social/ educational conditioning constraints.

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