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      Hi all, long time lurker, appreciate this community. Been taking IRs over 15 years straight. On Jan 1st my insurance changed and now requires the name-brand Adderall IR. There are no exceptions, and they don’t allow me to pay put of pocket for the generic. I’ve been using Walgreens but they said they cannot easily get the brand name from their distributor. Does anyone here know what other pharmacies may have better distributors that can get it stocked consistently??

      I went for a week without it this month while Walgreens gave me flimsy answers about it coming in, then finally found some stock across town. I’ve never been a wife or mother without meds and it was a rough week. Trying to get ahead of next months script now and thought starting with you folks would be better than calling random pharmacies without aim. Thank you!

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      Hi. Local pharmacies are often very helpful. Also, I’ve found that if you take your prescription into CVS pharmacy, they can look up the closest CVS that does have it in stock. Good luck!

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