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    Love this site and the magazine. Problem is everything applies to me…so, I want to read it all, get overwhelmed, makes plans to do it later. Then repeat. Where do I start? What article/plan will help me get started and manage the information overload/paralysis?

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    Don’t plan so much. Let me plan it for you! Just joking, that would be a disaster as I couldn’t write a plan to get out of a paper bag. So, start by writing whatever pops into your mind, related to you and ADHD. For example, how old are you? Have you been diagnosed? If so how long ago? What works? What doesn’t? Why did you come to this website? Something will bubble up and then the magic fairy will suggest some articles to read. Go read them. Repeat. This method skips the whole write-a-plan/decision-paralysis methodology that screws me up and, just a hunch, you as well.

    If I’m completely off track then please ignore what I’ve said. I’m just trying to get you to talk.

    By the way, the magic fairy’s name is Penny and she’s really helpful.

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    Thanks to you and Penny for the reply! I like your suggestion…I need to relax and let it happen instead of trying to strictly manage it. I keep telling myself there isn’t ONE path to anything…relax and experience the path I’m on…it isn’t necessarily the right one or the wrong one…just one of many.

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    I can’t do this for you. But good job coming here and seeking help, its a fantastic first step. You done some work. But you have to do more. What are you willing to do?
    Here is what I can offer. I agree with Penny above, ask those questions. But figure out first what is most important, what do you need help with the most. Get a diagnosis and that will point you in a direction. Lets be real, not everything applies to you. So start finding the stuff that does not apply to you and that will help weed out stuff.
    Are you dealing with ADHD, OCD, anxiety, Addiction, executive function issues? You may have multiple ones but not all. Find the biggest issue and that will probably show you where the other issues stem from.
    Best of luck.

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      Thank you Patrick for the response and input. I have done that in others areas…weed out what doesn’t apply to help narrow my focus and it does help – will try that again.

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