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      I’d love to hear from any of you who also have a spouse with ADHD. My husband is classic inattentive ADHD with anxiety – he zeroes in on one thing at a time and once that happens, it’s like I don’t exist. I just recently was diagnosed as hyperactive adhd with anxiety as well. I am always ready for something fun and new and feel restless easily. my husband and I fight like cats and dogs – we are completely opposite and I feel so sad that it seems we have such a hard time understanding each other. I read a marriage and ADHD book but it didn’t help a whole lot. We’ve also got a child with hyperactive ADHD. I always joke that our marriage is like two drowning people – one of us might surface above the water for a few seconds but we will push the other one down in the process. It’s so hard for us to function with our ADHD individually that it seems insane that we are trying to do it while raising a family. Anyone have any good tips??

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