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      Can we consider getting together and sharing where the big name and regional pharmacies are buying generics from? Ideally the entries would consist of the date you filled, the generic name of your drug, if it’s an immediate release or an extended release, what dose strength and what pharmacy you bought it from as well as roughly where you bought it. For example I live in northern NYS so i would ID my location as NYS and the first 3 digits of the zipcode of the store where I bought the med.

      7/10/19 methylphenidate IR, 10mg Mfg KVK tech,Target/CVS NYS 129

      If I lived in Western NYS it might look like this

      7/10/19 methylphenidate IR 10mg Mfg Northstar, Walmart NYS 140

      If we don’t say who’s taking the med or exactly where we bought it we could help each other have a good idea where to buy the generics that work best for ourselves and our kids. It would be even nicer if ADDitude could throw up a searchable database for us.

      Can we do this casually? Our Canadian/Brits/Aussies could identify province/state/region and nation and postal code, hopefully the store’s postal code.

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      No takers I guess.

      Please read Katherine Eban’s book, Bottle of Lies.

      If we all start talking about the quality of our generic drugs and share information we can at least help each other avoid crappy brands and potentially pinpoint and report REAL problems. It may be all we can do!

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      I took dexadrine slow release spansuls for a decade. This month the government changed to generic only, which is great, if they replace with an EQUAL generic drug. Not just the medication matter though. These generic release quickly and don’t last throughout the day. I sometime have to take without water, and with Dexedrine slow release, if I he outside melts, you basically taste nothing. I did this with the generic substitute and almost threw up. The beads inside immediately disolved into medication upon contact. That is not equivalent

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