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      I am determined to try and make some positive chnages to my life this year. There are so many areas I want to improve my brain can’t work out what to do first. Thinking there must be some logical order but I can’t figure it out. Here are some of the areas I want to improve:
      Healthy eating (me & family)
      Meal planning (instead of hurrying to ship each day)
      Food shopping plan (when to to do it)
      More exercise (finding time with young kids & work)
      Less clutter in house (need time to do it)
      More organised wardrobe (declutter & stop buying rubbish I don’t need/like)
      Better morning routine (really struggle getting up & am always late, rushing)
      More quality time with kids (instead of looking on phone for perfect life/ADD solutions)
      More quality time with husband (as above)
      Better money management
      Plan a family holiday (usually get overwhelmed looking into this)

      All this stuff goes round in my head om a daily basis. I have good intentions but don’t know where to start. I can be in my house and just look around and feel overwhelmed with what to do first. I’ll start something and then be distracted and leave it unfinished!

      Does anyone have any suggestions for where would be best to start? Basically I need a whole life overhaul, not much to ask I know!😄

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      Your doing what all Adhd people do!!! Your thinking of everything that you want do all at once. Sit down and write everything on to something you won’t lose or mis place. Decide which one is most important to you and number it 1, then 2 and 3 etc. Break the hole thing down into manageable tasks and start with number 1. Each time you complete one you can tick it off and it feels great. It’s the starting that’s hard good luck

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      Oh my! This post could have been written by me ! You described my current struggles haha! I get sick of going to the grocery daily, but planning out meals necessary! I’m struggling with my evening routine , not that I can’t sleep, but I often have so much to do and can’t prioritoze or even get a system going with meals , and a wild but amaONg 18 month old girl, things take take as long!! We just moved and had a huge schedule shift, so I know I need to be patient working back my bedtime , but it seems impossible trying to do those things daily! And I thrive off running, but like you said finding windows to do if are tough since woke hours increased ! And finances ? I must find a way to budget! My therapist whom works at the same ADHD specialty center is helping! But I am glad I’m not the only one, I feel less alone ! I’ll be following this thread and if I spaced any helpful things I’ll let ya know ?!

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