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      Dear Awesome Parent,
      First, thank you for participating in a fantastic resource for parents and others in the ADHD tribe. As an ADDer and parent of a kid with ADHD, having great information and support has made all the difference in the world to me.
      I am reaching out to you because a colleague and I are writing a new book for parents of kids who have ADHD.  We are approaching this book with a bias toward optimism, as well as providing facts and data on treatment options, life, and strategies.  We are both big fans of using play (see book PlayDHD), and will incorporate a lot of fun strategies for managing some of the more challenging sides of ADHD.
      We would greatly appreciate your input on what information YOU need (or needed) most. In particular, we are interested in things that you haven’t seen published in any format, questions you had to go searching for, or awesome tips, resources and ideas you have learned as part of the ADHD parent tribe.
      We have a questionnaire for you to anonymously complete on-line to let us know what you would like to know!  Here is a link to this questionnaire (https://forms.gle/osnyiUQDH2h5Y5DB7) We would be grateful if you would pass this on to anyone else you think might want to participate in the creation of the greatest ADHD parent resource of all time!!!
       We greatly appreciate any input and support of this endeavor.  We are excited to be collaborating on this new resource for parents, because as you know, in many many ways, ADHD is Awesome!
      Kirsten Milliken and Kris Mitchell

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