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      Hi all –

      I wanted to reach out to see what medications others are using. I checked out the Review Medications under Community, but the majority of reviews are from parents of kids with ADHD. So thought I would reach out on the adult board.

      I was diagnosed about a month ago, and my psychiatrist started me with guafacine. I think it’s been helping with the focus a little, but I can’t really tell if it’s that or the fact that now that I know what I have I am more aware and try to do things to help me focus. We are going to try Intuniv since it lasts for the full day and is time released. I think she is reluctant to try a stimulant because I also have anxiety. As a side note, I also take Cymbalta.

      Curious what other adults have tried that did or didn’t work.

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      I don’t think any recommendations you get here should be viewed as gospel without psychiatrist support, firstly…

      Having said that, it sounds like I’m in a similar situation to you… I was prescribed lisdexamfetamine, a stimulant, although I have an anxiety disorder, too. If anything I would say it’s lessened the anxiety – at least for me, it’s stopped the incessant mental chatterthat I think caused a lot of my panic attacks and midnight runs to burn the adrenaline off. I’m now wondering (was diagnosed add 6 months ago, but anxiety disorder 8 years ago) if the adhd was the reason for the anxiety all along. Psychiatrist also said that adhd stimulants work on the frontal lobes to quiten the fight or flight monkey brain, so don’t necessarily exacerbate anxiety as a medication group.

      That being said again, I’m currently flitting between 30mg and 50mg of lisdex – the standard 70mg dose made me a gibbering wreck fuelled by angsty adrenaline. At the lower doses though, it’s done wonders for me.

      Please talk to your psychiatrist, though, before setting your mind on anything. If I’ve learnt anything over the last 6 months it’s that adhd and meds affect everyone differently!

      Lots of luck to you. It’s early days, don’t be disheartened x

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        Also forgot to mention – was prescribed an antihistamine called phenergen that I can take if feeling a bit anxious after I get home from work and can’t get out of the hyperfocus mode that just makes me feel angsty when there’s no stress to manage and I’m trying to relax… So there’s options, if you’re worried about trying stimulants. Chat to your doctor… And let me know how you get on!

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      Penny Williams

      I find it a little peculiar that a psychiatrist would be so shy about stimulant medications for ADHD. Yes, they can increase anxiety, mostly at too high a dose, which you want to avoid anyway. BUT, as the comment above outlines, they sometimes improve the anxiety when it’s caused (or worsened) by untreated ADHD.

      What Is an Anxiety Disorder?

      Remember, ADHD medications rarely work perfectly on the first try.

      ADHD Medications Rarely Work Perfectly On the First Try

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      I’m feelin soooooooo jealous! In the country where I live, there are only two options: Strattera, and Concerta. And that’s it. I have tried Strattera: it helped a lot but not greatly: I still had all or most of the symptoms, but they were less intense. Being aware of the problem in the first place helps too! In my case, a lot of anxiety came directly from missing deadline after deadline. If ADD can be controlled, there will be less of motives for anxiety. I have started taking Concerta 18mg in June, there was no effect. I am now almost completing two weeks with Concerta 36mg: it might have worked just a little bit. As of now, it seems to me that Concerta 36mg may be slightly less effective than Strattera 100mg. But I will be seing my doctor on Monday!

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      Thanks for all the feedback!

      For now, I’m in a holding pattern on medication. I went to see my primary care physician because I’ve been having shortness of breath and fatigue, and my doctor believes I have bradycardia as my heartbeat is pretty consistently below 60bpm (and I’m by no means athletic!). So for now I’m off the guanfacine until I get some tests done to see what is causing my heartbeat to be so low.

      I have to admit these past several weeks have been pretty tough. First ADHD, then heart issues I have to look into, and newly diagnosed with intermittent asthma and poor cholesterol. I have lots of lifestyle changes to make and am anxious to start testing medication for ADHD but have to hold off. And now that I’m very aware of the ADHD and how it’s impacting my life, that has been difficult.

      I’m trying my best to take one day at a time and remember to be kind to myself and have compassion (I do a lot of negative self talk).

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      Hey kakowskey! Stop that negativity NOW!!! You are aware now of so many things that you will be able to improve your health!

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      I started on Ritalin when I was 9 and switched to Adderall around age 15. I’ve now been on Adderall for 14 years successfully. I would encourage you to remember, what works for one won’t work for all. And the best thing you can do is find a doctor who you feel comfortable enough with to have open conversations as you try various meds. If you ever feel like you’re not being listened to or heard, it may be time to find another provider.

      Also, a few natural coping strategies have been super helpful for me. Making sure I drink enough water and being careful about my diet have been life-changing. Also, a therapy light really helps with focus. And essential oils are amazing when treating ADHD!! (My favorite is Grapefruit). Hope this helps!

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      I haven’t used prescription meds since part way through high school because I hated what it did to my personality and appetite. It made me a zombie. I was on Ritalin then Vyvanse. I dropped out of college sophomore year partly because f A.D.D. and partly because I didn’t care much about my major nor did I know what I really wanted to major in. I’ve had a couple of jobs since and am about to get married. My fiance has been supporting us and gets really stressed out by my lack of ambition and was getting close to the last straw so I did a lot of research tried to find something natural that helps with brain function in general. I found out about nootropics and came across Neuro Shroom which is just a combo powder of 3 mushrooms used in ancient Chinese medicine. I’ve been taking it for the past month and no longer have A.D.D. based procrastination anxiety or really any anxiety. My A.D.D. is barely noticeable and if I do get distracted it is easy for me to manage now and stay focused. I have a lot more mental endurance too since I’m not thinking myself in circles about how I can’t do things when I need to and spiraling down into depression or an anxiety attack. I’m now about to go back to school for industrial design and am turning my life around. I’m a happier person. I can even stick to exercise regimens now and work toward other goals which is amazing for me. Neuro Shroom isn’t advertised as something that helps A.D.D. but it completely did for me maybe someone else can try. If you get it and it helps you let me know because to me this is a big deal. You can check it out here https://primalherb.com?rfsn=711317.204f5

      Oh and I just wanted to add that it took a couple of days for me to notice how it worked for me.

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      I also have anxiety along with ADHD. I was prescribed 15mg of adderall instant release once a day, and it actually helped my anxiety. Turned out the main source of my anxiety came from the consequences of my ADHD (procrastination, not being able to focus and get stuff done) Talk to your Dr, and see if they think it is an ok idea to give a stimulant a shot. If the stimulant does make your anxiety worse, it will be out of your system in just a couple hours. Good luck! 😊😊

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      Thanks all! I am still holding off on medication because I might have narcolepsy too, so if I do I will have to be put on stimulants for that. Anxiously waiting my insurance company to approve testing, so ready to start this journey.

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      Its still my 3rd month of medication, there are lots of medicines I take like Adderal, Ritalin and Concerta. Im still trying to get ease with the side effects of the medicines. I’m also observing now which I take help me and will lessen the symptoms I felt.

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