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      Good morning everyone!

      I am a recently diagnosed adult female with ADHD – and let me tell you – I have never felt so validated and vindicated in my whoooooole life! After years of under-performance both academically and personally, I finally found a psychiatrist who gave me a series of tests and formally diagnosed me with ADHD, Inattentive Type. also, after reading “Driven to Distraction” and breaking down in hysterically happy tears now that I knew I wasn’t going completely insane, my whole outlook on life has changed for the better. What drove you to your doctors office? And what symptoms of ADHD were the most disruptive and detrimental to you in your daily life? For me it was my poor memory and lack of attention to detail. Silly mistakes nearly cost me my college degree AND my life after that. Now that I am on Adderall, I feel 50% better – well enough to use the other 50% of myself to focus on cognitive therapy and other alternative practices to calm my tornado of a mind. Anyone else in the same boat?

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      Katejo5 – I am just now in testing, but expect the same answer. I can relate to the concept of mind tornado. The more I research, the easier it is to see glaring issues and their impacts on my family. Best of luck to you.

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      Hi Kate,
      I decided to sign up to AADitude, upon reading your comment today… though I had been following the magazine for a while.
      I feel like relate to you, as I am new to this and also an adult (I am over 50). I am going to get back to this thread in the days ahead, because as part of trying to help my focus, I only allow myself a few minutes on the web, as well as keeping my phone on airplane mode most of the day.

      So, yes, I too was prescribed adderall and am seeing amazing improvements.
      Mine is the inability to focus and prioritize.
      I relate to the “under-performance” too.
      So much to share.
      I wanted to quick reply now, so I don’t lose this thread. Will check back in when I get a chance.
      Full steam ahead in our new journey!


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