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      Hey all,

      So, my diagnosis has finally come through. My specialist is just dotting the Is and crossing the Ts, and I’ll be starting on Ritalin next week. Amazing news, I know 🙂

      As per the title of my topic, I want to know what being medicated feels like. As in, what were the first (positive) things you noticed? What changed? How did it affect your self-esteem? How did being medicated affect areas of your life unrelated to your ADHD? How did people start reacting to you?

      As an aside, I’m also wondering if being medicated makes it easier to start and continue with positive habits, such as exercising, drinking enough water, and socialising.

      Looking forward to reading you guys’ responses 🙂

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      I’ve been on Adderall for only a week, but I have noted one change: When I get distracted during a task, I’m much more likely to be able to go back to it, rather than forget about it entirely. It’s too soon to say much more than that.

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      The first time I took meds was on a work day, and it was amazing. I didn’t realize how much I was struggling before until I realized what it was like to not struggle. The first time I took it, I went into the bathroom during break and cried throughout the entire 15 minutes because I never realized how much I was struggling in life until that first day.

      But, most of all I felt validated while also extremely pissed off. Validated because ADHD was real and pissed off that that all the struggling and frustration I experienced growing up was real, but yet adults wrote my behavior off as me being a typical overly emotional child and then again as me having the typical angst and apathy of a ’90s teen.

      So, mixed bag: relief and validation with anger and a sense of loss that life could have been so much easier, including with the thought that maybe I would not have taken six years to graduate with my first bachelors had I been on meds and getting support. I do truly think it was the best decision I ever made for myself. Daily struggles are so much less and success is so much easier.

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      Jillian Jiggs

      So, how’s it going for you?

      My first real indication that the meds were taking effect was that it felt like all my thoughts slooooooowed down. It was both a bit boring (what, am I still doing this menial chore?) and exciting. (I nearly walked away from this menial chore but managed to catch myself and I’m still doing it! Woohoo, adulting!)

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        Erm… I replied to you earlier, and my message seems to have not posted ><

        The short answer is extremely well. I feel present, I’m less distractible, and when I get distracted, I come back on task quickly. it’s amazing being able to be super-efficient compared to normal, and I can’t wait to see what I’m like once I’m on higher doses.

        My longer answer was much more eloquent ><

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      Dr. Eric

      Best case – It feels like nothing, but I notice that work is getting done and that I am not interrupting people mid-sentence or doing other things to annoy them.

      More typical – Like above, but I have less personality (the good and bad parts) and are more task focused.

      Over medicated – I feel like a zombie and/or my pulse is racing. This was from when I was titrating the dose or forgot that I already took a pill and took another. Please discuss this option with a medical doctor so that you are safe if it happens.

      I always recommend that you time tasks that you typically do and have a handle on.

      When I am medicated, I am consistently 6 times more productive (literally one hour to do what takes me 6 when unmedicated) whether I “feel” it working or not.

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