What do you want neurotypicals to understand about your ADHD?

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      I am making a video for a class university about what it is like to have ADHD, and I don’t want to be the only one in it. So I want to ask others what they wish regular people understood about your ADHD. I will only be accepting answers until the 21st of April. I will gladly share the video with anyone interested. My whole thesis for this project is to address the stigma of talking about it.


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      I wish neurotypicals understood that I am incapable of not working as hard as I can. I’m always terrified that people will misinterpret my occasional poor performance, tardiness, or other “failure” as a lack of effort or care. I ALWAYS put maximum effort in everything I do. My ADHD makes me feel like everything is important. So being mislabeled as careless or irresponsible is extremely painful for me.

      Good luck with your project!

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        Thank you!

        I totally understand. I hope we can all get over talking about this mental health stuff in the open so other neurotypical people understand too.

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      I wish they understood the same as what “syddog9” mentioned! Also, I wish they understood that I’m not this way on purpose. I’m as in control of my adhd as I possibly can be. I can’t afford behavioral therapy but I’m medicated, I eat healthy, try to get enough sleep & I use alarms, apps, timers & a bujo journal. I’m not blaming it on my adhd, I have & will always have adhd. I wish they knew that when they get frustrated with me I’m genuinely frustrated too. They just have to deal with my adhd when they’re around me. I deal with it constantly.

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        Yeah I get you, our brains are just wired differently. I don’t think a lot of people understand this and that leads to a lot of troubles. Good on you for keeping healthy!

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      Have you ever checked out ADHD Alien? It’s a comic by an artist named Pina, who writes/draws comics based on her life with ADHD and being NT. I have a hard time myself saying what I want others to understand, but Pina’s ADHD Alien comic says so much of what I wish I could say. http://adhd-alien.com is the site, but she seems to update social media more frequently. Good luck!

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        I have seen them before, but it slipped my mind. Thank you!

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      Thank you for making a video!
      I wish people understood different presentations of ADHD. And that it is hurtful when they question your diagnosis due to uneducation of the less known inattentive type.
      Thank you xx

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      I wish people understood that my intentions are genuine, I just sometimes struggle with follow-through.
      I don’t expect people to give me a free pass for it, and I’m always working on it, but I would hate for my friends to think I’m disingenuous.

      I sincerely care, I sometimes do forget to follow through though, and I’m working on ways to be better.

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      Dr. Eric

      My issues are mine.
      If they show an interest, I am more than happy to educate.

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      Hi. Is your video available?

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