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      Very recently I have done extensive amounts of research to confirm my belief that I have ADHD. I have looked up and read through thousands of topics and have concluded that I do in fact have it, all that’s left is to have a psychiatrist tell me what I already know and begin discussing help/treatment options. However, there’s one problem: My mother and other doctors I’ve talked to don’t believe me (she’s a nurse so she had me talk with a doctor that works alongside her in her clinic). I had stepped outside my comfort zone saying anything at all about having ADHD and whenever I did, I was met with instant denial of me having it. She shutdown every symptom I tell her as “everybody does it” and other things along those lines. It really impacted me negatively because it genuinely felt as though I was hanging off a cliff with weights attached and reached my hand out for help but she slapped it away. The doctor I spoke with dismissed it as anxiety, which I now see the parallels between ADHD and Anxiety, but the difference is that I’m not being kept up at night because I’m worrying about anything, losing attention because I’m too stressed or fidgeting because I’m nervous. I really feel alone and majorly depressed because I see that soon my life could crash and burn seeing as to how I will be entering college soon after my next, last year of high school. I’m really hoping to hear from someone and get some advice what to do because I’m hopeless right now.

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      Don’t be hopeless! There’s always hope! And you are most definitely not alone. ::hugs:: There are millions of people who are/have gone through the same type of situation. Things get better 🙂

      I had a couple of teachers in elementary school bring it up to my parents, who didn’t believe them because of my good grades. I eventually got diagnosed at the end of college after struggling through. It’s never too late. 😉

      Have you tried talking to your school counselor or a teacher? Sometimes schools offer some testing services through the county, but you may need parent permission if you aren’t 18.

      Also, if you are planning to go to college after high school, most schools have a counseling department. If they don’t do testing on site, they can point you to someone who does.

      Whatever you do, I’d make sure you get a good ADHD test done with a specialist professional, not a questionnaire. It’ll tell you for sure whether you have it or not. There’s no real guesswork there. Best of luck!

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      Penny Williams

      If your family isn’t taking your concerns seriously, then try talking with your school guidance counselor. Sometimes, they can mediate in a way and let parents know what struggles they are seeing.

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