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      I learn I love to share things I have learned to others and love to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I’ve been considering nursing and elementary education. I’m a classroom aide however during this time it’s not as fast paced with 4-6 kids in classroom and im not in classroom as often due to the pandemic ratios.

      I received a Safety and Health degree in 2017 and it was almost the worst decision I made for career and my symptoms, I burned out after I got the typical work routine down and it was a chore going to work and uncomfortable confronting regarding safety regulations, lot of details to look at that became overwhelming (I started out first week looking at all levels of detail and making detailed reports then i notice reports became less detailed), however when I did long trainings It felt less like a job. I gave 5 hour forklift classroom training and I was in the moment and able to be creative by drawing or uzi analogies and be distracted from talking

      Ever since I stumbled upon classroom aid at childcare center (before pandemic) time went by so fast I forgot to take breaks, 2 different (morning afternoon) classes would come in and it felt so fast.

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      Choose a career that you will enjoy doing and you will never get tired of learning.

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      I’m an interpreter and I think it’s been amazing for my ADD brain! If you’re good with languages, it’s something to consider. It takes at least 6 years to learn to do it well, and then there’s a life-long career that we’re *really* well suited for, I think. Teaching also seems great – I am also a mentor and teacher. My mom also has ADD. She was an elementary teacher (now retired) and loved it, but I think the amount of paperwork teachers had to do toward the end of her career was really getting to her. When she could focus on creative lesson plans, she loved it. I think working with kids is a fun career for us — as long as you’re taking responsibility for your treatment so you can create some consistent structure for them, manage your emotions, and manage your well-being so you remember to take care of you too and don’t burn out! <3

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      Radiographers, AKA X-ray techs, See a new patient every 15 minutes or so, it’s challenging, physical, interesting and varied. Peperfect for ADD

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      I think you will do well as a teacher

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      Dr. Eric

      Avoid – detail-oriented, repetitive, job description rarely changes over time.
      Look for – moments of intensity and down time, big picture stuff, variety and flexibility – while still having structure.

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