What can I do from now on?

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      Hey people,

      This is my first post here. It’s a bit long tho, hope that it’s allowed to respond with follow up paragraphs here

      Clinically not diagnosed yet – my psych is aiming for ADD. Gave me concerta(18mg) and it was the way I’ve always knew I’m supposed to until it started hurting me with anxiety bursts. The good effect didn’t last a week. This morning I took the pill after the meal and didn’t feel as bad as days before so I hope I’ll figure something out

      Why am I writing this – for those first couple of days I have noticed something that I have no idea how to deal with previously. My “urges” weren’t there, compulsivity too – from laying in bed to “rest” where I close my eyes and jump in my dream world in need for any good chemicals that will make my day a bit brighter. Didn’t sit in my sofa stuck in my inner dialogues or imagination where I just look at ceiling and waste my day. Haven’t procrastinated at all, I KNEW what I had to do, there were no second thoughts or any sort of priority questioning. Lost interest in reddit. Didn’t open my YouTube since the day I have started with medication. The thing is, my mind or body, whatever it is, isn’t going for these things anymore. They are completely out of equation. Also, my obsessive thoughts about an ex(how she hurt me, how she this and that etc.), thoughts about past events that I blame for my traumas. None of these three didn’t cross my mind. I have questioned myself do I even have any sort of traumatic event now. There was no NEED for these stuff. My mind was stable, at place, focused on what’s in front of me. I did have tons of thoughts but they were background noise. I have had primary and secondary focus – something I didn’t have for a long time because on daily basis, everything is secondary to me and nothing is primary focus

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      I am not capable to answer this. I’m hoping someone does though, God bless you.

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