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      (Sorry if this is worded in a confusing way.)

      I’m at a point in my life where I need something to change, so I’m planning to try neurofeedback. It’s expensive and some people seem to think it’s unreliable, but medication hasn’t helped as much as I’d like. I’ve tried CBT but I’m so scattered that I forget what was talked about between sessions. So neurofeedback seems like a good option.

      Anyway, I’m trying to decide between two places that offer neurofeedback for ADHD. I would just pick the one closest to me, but when I asked them what the audiovisual feedback would look like they said I would have the option of just watching TV on Netflix during the sessions. The other place said that the feedback would be like “playing a video game with your mind.” That all seems kind of weird and vague to me, and as a person who has struggled with internet/video game addiction it makes me nervous.

      For anyone who has done neurofeedback therapy, can you explain what the sessions were like? Do you have any suggestions on how to choose where to go for it?

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      Hi, My son age 10 is going to neurofeedback for ADHD. It’s best to choose a place that also does brain mappings. That will actually show your brain progress and the changes. He watches a show of his choice. They have dvd’s there to choose from. His brain does the work. The show will pause and he is forced to focus to get it moving again. He does 45 minute sessions and will do 40 sessions total. He goes twice a week. We have seen so much improvement at home. At school he is still having issues but we still have 10 sessions to go. He’s taking natural supplements and no medication. Trying our best! Good luck!!

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