What about vitamins and herbal supplements for a 61 yr old guy?

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      Sean Patrick Smith

      First, I always specify I am ADD because I have never been hyperactive. My problem is my Executive Function just does not like me. And that is okay.

      Long story short: Had a heart attack after losing my big brother/best friend at 9/11. Cardiologist required all his patients to see a psychologist. Halfway through second session he asked if I was ever diagnosed with ADD. And yes, the proverbial light went off! Within six months he had me on and then off Ritalin, taught me how to “cope” (I hate that term) and things were better.
      15 and a half years later things began to revert. I went to the VA and was assigned a wonderful psychiatrist; she really takes time with her patients – she is not one that just thinks drugs are the answer.

      But now my question: are there any recommendations about vitamins or herbal supplements I can research? I am back on Ritalin but I would rather see if there is something “natural” that may help. I want to bring the information to my Doc for her review.


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      I recently began using Thorne Niacel 250 by Thorne. You can also use Niagen. Different company exact same product. My endocrinologist actually asked me to take it for a totally different reason. It reverses the cell age of your cells supposedly and essentially turns back the clock. Lots of research on it. It isn’t cheap I’ll tell you. Also I would not trust a brand from a bug box store. They are watered down a lot so to speak. Also from Thorne I use 5Htp. This is a precursor to seratonin uptake. My energy levels and focus have improved tremendously. I have taken Adderall roughly 10 years now and am up to a max dose. The ingredients of Niacel is Nicotinamide Riboside. If you want to look that up. Oh and the bottle says 1-2 a day. If you haven’t already built up a tolerance this should be fine. I had to watt up the dose at first. Half like is a little over 31 hours.

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      Correction about half life… I was researching a different rx for a different situation. Not sure what it is for this.

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      Penny Williams

      There are many vitamins and supplements that some find to help with ADHD symptoms. They’re often used in conjunction with medication.

      Vitamin Power! 8 Best Supplements for ADHD

      “I Keep My ADHD Symptoms Under Control By…”

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