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      I am still waiting on our reassessment of my 12 year old son. Meanwhile, he misses a day of school a week because he is in tears about going. He is failing a couple of classes and doing better in classes with more one on one attention.

      I have been researching online schools for him. I found one I like a lot, but was wondering if anyone had suggestions for online schools. He is really excited at the idea of it. I fear though he may get rejected due to his grades. Our state, Virginia, does not have a lot of options at all. Most of the schools they list are not that great or do not get great reviews from parents.

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      Anni @ ADDitude

      Hi there:
      This article about school options links to a ton of great resources, including a set about the nation’s best online schools: https://www.additudemag.com/schools-for-adhd-ld-students/ We hope you will follow up to let us know how things work out for your son!

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