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      I sent a long message to my new provider (over a page long) about my journey. My initial visit was in person, the last one was online. He is four hours away. Anyway, from the very beginning he was very open and understanding, he said this is about me, not him. He seemed genuine and understanding. He also mentioned a messaging tool he uses that allows me to communicate with him any time of the day. He really seemed like an awesome guy. I was excited. Now a month later, completely changed gears. Our online appointment ended in a rush due to another appointment, there was no ending on what we were going to try. anything I recommended (I do my research) was disregarded. I told him a certain medication combination was not working, yet that is what is prescribed to me. I feel like I am leaving the optometrist with someone else’s glasses. the issue is that the highest dose of Vyvanse with a booster does not last me the entire day – 7am to 9pm. Like I said, I sent him a long message stating my thoughts, concerns, and personal recommendations. It took him 5 days to reply with ” I think should discuss taking Wellbutrin XL”, talk to the secretary about getting an appointment. His next available appointment is April 16th. My prescription is out tomorrow. Have any of you taken Wellbutrin? I am really not considering it. Any recommendations on handling this situation?

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      Penny Williams

      If you feel like you’re not being heard, and your input isn’t being considered, then it’s time to find a new physician for your ADHD treatment.

      Finding a Doctor or Therapist Who Works for You

      Some people do take Wellbutrin for ADHD successfully. Here are some reviews:


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      I am at the very beginning of my ADHD journey (2 months medicated). I take Wellbutrin XL at the 150 mg and while it helps with my anxiety/depression, I haven’t found it super helpful with my ADHD. I will be upping my amount next month to see if that will help, otherwise I’ll be continuing my process of finding another/better med to manage my ADHD.

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