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      So ive never spoken about this,
      Basically when i go to sleep it takes about an hour and if i dont do this it will take me longer to sleep.
      I have to basically imagine a very dramatic situation like a drama series, my own eastenders or something lol, like people in my family getting killed and the police ,running away and stuff like that, i dont know but it just helps me to fall asleepp, calms my brain from having soo many thoughtd because im so focused on making a reallly sad drama and i havee to close my eyes and there has no be no noise at all or ill get angry lol. Does any1 know anything about this, should i get it checked out?

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      Penny Williams

      It sounds like an evaluation by a qualified psychologist could help you with multiple struggles. Many people have to work hard to stop their racing thoughts to fall asleep, but the content of what you think about to fall asleep may be unhealthy and troublesome.

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      Oh my gosh I did this to fall asleep nightly when I was younger. I would make scenarios in my head. Usually they were all lovey-dovey about whoever I had a crush on at the time, but I never attributed it to ADHD. I would even focus on tiny details like what we were all wearing or how the rooms/surroundings looked. It really did help me fall asleep though, which makes sense. We force our brain into thinking about only one thing instead of 1000.

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      i know its really crazy, but i dont like it that much though becuase most of the time i think of my family dying etc

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