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      At the beginning of the pandemic I had been prescribed 10mg of adderall twice a day for a year or so. In April of 2020 my long time psychiatrist moved out of state, so I went with their recommendation for my next psychiatrist.

      The new psychiatrist suggested that I increase my dosage to 15mg in the morning and 20mg in the afternoon. I had been prescribed this dosage by a previous doctor some years ago so I agreed to it. When I switched to the new prescription it seemed unusually strong, and after a couple of weeks it stopped working completely for a few days and then started again. My psychiatrist suggested taking a day off once a week. After that it worked normally for another month before it stopped working again.

      Since then it has been very unpredictable. Sometimes it doesn’t start working until hours after taking it, but then keeps me up all night. Sometimes it does nothing at all for a weeks, only to work perfectly for a week and then stop again for weeks. Breaks don’t seem to help. My dosage keeps getting pushed up and up. It seems unusual for my dosage to have been pushed from 20 a day to 60 a day in roughly a year.

      Has anyone experienced anything like this? I’m wondering if it is a digestive system issue. My doctor put me on 40mg of Nexium shortly before these issues started. Could that have played a role?

      I’d like to switch to the Daytrana patch, but no one seems to want to prescribe it.

      Anyway, I’m at a loss and worried about losing my job.

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