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      Hello All

      I’ve been poking around to see if this has been addressed in another post but I haven’t found much.

      Some quick background, I’m 31, 200 Lbs, married father of 3 young children (1 yo and 2x 3 yo’s) , high stress job with a lot of conflicting priorities etc. I was diagnosed with ADHD and an alcohol problem 5+ years ago.

      I was able to get the alcohol dependence under control on my own. I didn’t get medication or any real treatment for the ADHD up until about a month ago when it started to really affect me at work. I was on Zoloft and then Lexapro for about 6 months for anxiety which I just discontinued 2 weeks ago after I finally went to see a Psychiatrist and was given a prescription for Adderall 20 MG twice a day…and not much guidance other than start with half a pill, limit alcohol to 1 a day and don’t take it on the weekends or vacation.

      I started monday 2 weeks ago with 10 MG at 5:00 AM and another 10 MG at 1:00 PM which didn’t do much for me. so the next day I took the whole 20 MG dose same times. It worked really well I was able to concentrate, I didn’t feel strange or high and felt fine in the evenings as I was “coming down”. So I finished out the week like that and it was great…until the weekend. Saturday morning I felt terrible, like a hang over. I also had a lot of anxiety and didn’t want to do anything. I gave it another week with the 20 MG 2x per day and same result. This is a huge issue for me because weekends are family time and if I cant be a good dad and husband then I’m not sure its worth taking the adderall.

      I did reach out to the Psychiatrist and he suggested Vyanese which is way too expensive for me even with insurance and their coupon or Adderal XR which is still expensive but doable. He said that hes not sure either will take care of the weekend crash…He also mentioned trying Concerta but doesn’t want to make any changes until my appointment in 4 weeks.

      So I’ve settled on trying taking as small a dose as possible to keep from crashing on the weekend…which makes me feel like an addict and I really don’t like that. The plan was to take the medicine to help at work when I needed it not to take it all the time to feel normal.

      I guess my questions are:

      -has anyone had a similar experience, does it get better, What did you do?
      -Does anyone have any strategies for dealing with the weekend crash?
      -Has anyone had better luck specifically on the weekends with adderall XR
      -What about Concerta, I understand you take that all the time like you would zoloft?


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      Why would your doctor recommend you not take Adderall on the weekends? I take Adderall XR almost every single day because I need to focus on the weekends, too. I know taking breaks used to be the recommendation, but unless you have a side effect that requires it, I would insist on taking it daily. On the occasion that I don’t take it, I do tend to have a bit of a crash. It’s usually because we’ve planned on a lazy day, though, so it’s not a huge issue.

      Also, my daughter takes Adderall non-XR because XR didn’t work for her. She’s a high school senior/college freshman (early enrollment), and we’ve had no crash issues because if she needs it, she takes it. There’s no reason to not use medication when you need it.

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