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      Hi everyone! I’m a 30 year old female seeking treatment for ADHD Inattentive type.
      About 3 years ago, I went to see a random therapist
      for help with depression, anxiety, mood swings, inattention, impulsivity, addictive behaviors, self harm, etc. I ended up explaining all my troubles and concerns to her and by the end of the session once I asked her what she thought she responded “Oh you’re classic textbook ADD.” This was only an LPC, not a psychologist, psychiatrist, etc. Does this count as a diagnosis? I have never been back to see this counselor after that, I just lost interest in therapy.

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      if the reason youre asking is because you want to seek treatment that would require a diagnosis (like meds for example), I would have the records from that therapist sent to a provider who can/will prescribe (or do whatever treatment youre interested in) and do an intake with them. You can call around to different places and share your experience and what youre looking for. The protocol/cost of diagnosis varies SO SO SO wildly so….basically, whatever you are looking to do you can do. But we can’t tell you what that therapist did or didn’t mark as a diagnosis. Technically therapists CAN diagnose (they have to for insurance purposes) but in my experience a lot of them are not comfortable with (with good reason) diagnosing ADHD compared to diagnosing depression/anxiety and its the prescribers on the hook for controlled substances so theyre the ones that need to believe the diagnosis fits.

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      Dr. Eric

      Technically diagnosed, probably yes, especially if you are not paying cash out of pocket.
      Mental Health practitioners cannot bill without medical necessity which, almost always, involves a diagnosis.
      (The most common exception is post traumatic event counseling.)

      The question is, “Diagnosed well or properly?”

      This is a bone of contention for most of us school/educational psychologists.

      I have been asked by my own bosses as well as attorneys on the stand how a lowly school psychologist like me thinks that I can conclude a better diagnosis than a medical doctor… while staring at my 20 page report created after 5-6 hours of direct assessment, interviews, observations, and rating scales that is sitting next to a single sentence on a prescription pad after a 10 minute consult with a child’s parent…

      There used to a cool graphic on the internet that listed about 50 things that can look like ADHD.
      Ask the LPC how those were ruled out.

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