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      Ok, so I have not yet been diagnosed but I check all thee boxes. I’m going to the doctor in April, it the earliest they can take me. I took every test I could find online and have been watching videos and reading articles… And honestly if it turns out I have it, which at this point I’m 97% sure I do, it would literally explain my whole life. And why I always felt more stupid than everyone but also been told I’m really smart.. Why I hated my brain for years and wished I was just normal. The only thing I don’t relate to is difficulties waking up – which like 80% of people with ADHD have. I wake up in the morning and my brain just continues running. It doesn’t let me sleep. I do have hard time falling asleep, but I’m a superlight sleeper. The tiniest noise can jerk me out of a deep slumber and I am ready to fight whatever made that noise. And once I wake up like that it takes me a really long time to fall back asleep, if I do at all. Does anyone else have this ? Is it possible to be like this if you have ADHD?

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      You don’t have to have EVERY symptom to have ADHD. I don’t forget or lose things at all which is a major indicator, and am still diagnosed with ADHD.

      Even though you wake up easily the hard to get to sleep is a symptom its self and saying your brain wont let you sleep is part of the hyperactive mind.

      I never slept during my 11-18 school years but had 100% attendance and punctuality because I could just get up an go.

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      Yeah, it’s by no means universal to have any specific symptom. I, for one, do not have trouble with punctuality (I am more time blind to the past than the future), but I do lose and forget stuff, lose my cool a lot over little things, and make many careless mistakes and clumsy shortcuts. And I sleep neither lightly nor heavily most of the time, although I was a poor sleeper in early childhood, and once I do wake up I often have trouble going back to sleep between my stomach and my brain if I’m awake for over 5 minutes or so. (I usually get hungry if up too long.) Oh, and a mosquito buzzing in my ear at night will leave me in war mode until I kill it.

      It sounds like you are a hyperactive adult, retaining more of that side of symptoms than most.

      It’s actually my OCD-without-the-C husband who’s the heaviest sleeper I know, and my neurotypical older sister is the lightest. So you never know. You only need 5 or 6 DSM symptoms in just one of 2 lists of 9 to be diagnosed, and sleeping too much isn’t one of them, while a restless mind is a variant of squirmy hyperactivity which is. I even wonder if trouble getting up is related to the depression that many but not all ADHD adults develop.

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