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      I’ve now tried Vyvanse at 20, 30, 40, 60 and 70mg. However, I haven’t seen any symptom control for my ADHD nor have there been any side effects.

      I’m struggling to decide where to go next because my prescriber won’t go any higher than 70mg and I have already tried Ritalin, Concerta, Dexamphetamine, Strattera and Intuniv.

      I would like to try Focalin or Adderall but they are only prescribed off-label here in the UK and can cost as much as £400 for a 28 day prescription.

      Has anyone else experienced a similar non-reaction to Vyvanse?

      I know it’s supposedly more subtle than some of the instant release stimulants but I was expecting to see, at the very least, a slight elevation in focus.

      Many thanks.

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      I’ll post a response in the morning,I’ve been using Vyvanse for a year now and have had great success with a few added side effects,the side effects have been limited as well Its very limited when it comes to concentration,when I arrive home from work tomorrow I’ll write a detailed response,I’m taking 50 milligrams at the moment.cheers.

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      I’m also confused about this. I am currently ups to 90mg vyvanse which is higher than most drs will prescribe. But my doctor (and also confirmed by Dr. Hallowell) say that it is ok to go higher, that some people just need more for whatever reason. You can monitor blood pressure and heart rate daily to make sure that they don’t increase too much as you increase the dosage. I’ve been told that going up as high as 110-120 mg would be safe and if I still don’t notice benefits at that point then to change to a different medicine.
      At all dosages up until 80 mg I didn’t experience any positive effects.
      The only negative side effect I have experienced is very dry mouth. I think it helps me generally but the benefits are indeed very subtle at this point. I know I feel better but I can’t really quantify the effects on ability to focus or productivity etc.

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      I’m on 100mg and it’s finally working for me. So much so I have been able to back to study and am about to COMPLETE my Uni degree after 20 years!
      I had dry mouth for a little while and nausea first few days but nothing anymore.
      I cope with my children better, don’t get so overwhelmed and am able to concentrate for longer without being distracted by shiny things as often.
      Still not foolproof but definitely 99% better than without.

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        I’m glad to learn you have had some success on Vyvanse.

        I took 100mg this morning but don’t appear to be anymore focused.

        I fear my CYP2D6 enzyme isn’t working properly. 🙁

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