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      I am 52 years old. In June, I began taking Vyvanse (40mg) for the first time (after being formally diagnosed by a psychiatrist who specializes in ADHD). It’s changed my life. I’m a mental health professional who’s worked in education for years – and my eldest son was diagnosed in grade 5. I knew I had ADHD for many years, but I was motivated to try medication after a job promotion. I wish I had years ago. It’s helped me in so many ways – in my work, my relationships, my lowered stress level and as a parent.

      Here’s the problem: I feel great and life has improved enormously. However, the medication increases my blood pressure. Before taking Vyvanse in the AM – and after it wears off at night – my BP is normal (120/80). When I’m on Vyvanse, it goes up into the mid-high 130s/mid-high 90s. I’ve been tracking my BP, and there have been times when it’s gone over 140.

      My primary doctor had me cut all caffeine, chocolate and salt (low-salt diet). But it isn’t bringing the BP down into the normal range.

      My primary doctor is prescribing a low dose of a beta blocker (Metoprolol, 25mg) to see if that can correct the issue. My psychiatrist is not recommending that I come off Vyvanse because I’ve responded so well to it, in regard to the ADHD symptoms. He thinks the best course is to try a BP medication and keep the Vyvanse at the same dosage.

      Has anyone else experienced this? I worry about starting another medication. I don’t know if another stimulant would be better for me. My psychiatrist didn’t suggest that.

      I was wondering if anyone experienced a difference in BP if they lowered the dosage – like if I went down to 30mg?

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      I would also like to know an answer to above poster’s question. I already had a heart issue so my doctor wouldn’t prescribe any ADD medications. I also take a small dose of metoprolol. I take modafinil which helps some with my ADD and helping me not get so tired but it is expensive since it’s offlabel use and not as effective as other stimulants as far as working and staying focused goes.

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      Hello, sorry this answer is actually indirect. But I thought it may be of help. I’m taking olive leaf extract for chronic cystitis and it was helping. But lately I became extremely sleepy, whether it’s morning , afternoon or early evening. I decided to stop the OLE (not a prescription herbal med so I can get off with it anytime) to see what happens. I stopped and my extreme sleepiness disappeared. Gradually my IC discomfort and occasional pain also disappeared. Now am free from the herbal meds for IC.

      I think my body was signalling to me, saying I don’t need to take the herbs anymore for IC because I was healing/healed. Great! Am not saying the same thing will happen to you with your ADHD meds but it’s something to think about. High BP could be a side effect of your drug or it could be your body’s signal to do something else. But anyway, let your doctor know about any changes you make with your meds if you decide to. (I’m in this forum because my son has adhd, but actually he’s improving ).

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      Hello — posting an update.

      I began taking the beta blocker that was prescribed by my primary. It is a very low dose – 25 mg of Metropolol. I was nervous about starting it. I’m on day 3. But it has completely solved the BP issue – at least over the past few days – with no side effects. I feel so much better.

      From the first day of taking the Metropolol, my BP has been in the 120s/80s. I was concerned about my BP dropping when the Vyvanse wore off, but it doesn’t. I’ve slept well, no more perspiring. I feel that it takes a bit longer for the Vyvanse to take effect that without the Beta blocker – but that’s fine with me.

      I’ll keep everyone posted, but so far, I couldn’t be happier. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to stay on a stimulant – and, as I’ve said, the results have been life-changing for me. I am so much less stressed, managing all aspects of my life better, being a better parent and gaining so much more from my work and recent promotion.

      In my younger years, I smoked cigarettes, drank tons of caffeine and, at one point, drank too much alcohol — all trying to regulate myself. Now, I don’t drink, smoke or abuse caffeine. And I continue to maintain a low salt diet. Plus, my stress level is so much better. This is what I have to do to continue benefiting from Vyvanse and I’m happy to do it. I manage to exercise regularly too – because I’m better at time management and priority-setting.

      Hopefully, this will help resolve the issue. My psychiatrist was very encouraging about it – I’m just glad that I don’t seem to need a high dose. That would be a tougher decision.

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      Jerseysouthpaw, how are you making out now with your blood pressure?
      I have recently started taking vyvanse and I am also now 50 and newly diagnosed. I have never had high BP and I am monitoring it regularly at 136 / 85 and often feel headaches and an anxiousness or body buzz. Like you I have found clarity in my life and happy about that. I don’t want to take medications and part of me considers having made it 50 years without ADD meds should I continue. I have another follow up appt in 5 weeks to discuss with my Dr. So I stumbled across your post and was wondering if you could offer more about your experience since you last posted back in December, thanks in advance.

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      Hi Bran –

      I am doing great. The low dose beta-blocker (25 mg Metoprolol) has resolved my issue. My BP was fluctuating – and I was noticing headaches; I never thought of the term “body buzz” – but this is a great descriptor for how I felt.

      My BP is now regulated – and it stays in the high 120s/80s when I’m on Vyvanse. When I wake up in the morning before I take Vyvanse, I can be as low as 117/80 – so my BP without Vyvanse is in a healthy range. The Vyvanse does increase it – as it would with anyone – but it is no longer in range for hypertension. At my age, I was not comfortable with that.

      I have no side effects or down-side to taking the beta blocker. I researched it and it is actually protective for me even without Vyvanse. For me, so fare, there has been no down-side to doing this.

      I had the same thoughts as you – do I need to take medication for my ADD at this point in life? In many ways, I’ve been successful – especially in work. But the benefits are enormous. I am so much calmer and focused. I am in the helping profession, and I have much more clarity and ease in my work. I am a much better parent – and I am thankful to have time to see and enjoy this. I am so much more organized – my quality of life has improved three-fold. Especially in balancing work, family and recreation. I was always a super worker. But I was often tense and frazzled when trying to have a full life. I believe that giving myself permission to benefit from medication (even at this late stage) is giving me better health – and hopefully, longevity.

      I have two sons – ages 13 & 17. The 17 year old has ADD too – and as a parent, I would stop at nothing to support him. This included outside supports (tutors, therapy, etc.) when he was younger and then getting him the best consult and medical care when we decided to begin medication when he turned 14. I always identified with and understood him. I never doubted my own diagnosis, but it took me until age 52 to actually go to a psychiatrist and get formally diagnosed. I’ve realized many things since getting the treatment – most importantly, that this is such a personal decision. I wish you the best of luck on the journey – and know that there is no right or wrong answer – just your own.

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      Hi! Wow I’m so glad you not only asked the question but posted about taking bp meds while on Vyvanse! I am 50. Female. I have been on Vyvanse for a few years now – 70/day – with fantastic results! But when my bp started to hold steady at 120/90 after a lifetime of undiagnosed add & very LOW bp! My doctor has recently been insisting I go on metformin (sp?) for it but I have been too afraid it would mess with Vyvanse & it’s ability to make me as close to normal as possible! Thank You SO MUCH for posting your update! When not on Vyvanse, I’m 110/70. Never more than 110/70 so I am going to do as my doctor wishes now! Thanks again!

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      Also I Never really thought that all the stress I’m experiencing is related to an elevated bp- RE “body buzz”. When I read that, it seemed like the perfect description for the way I often feel too! Definitely going to try the meds next month when I see my doctor again

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      I’m so glad this was helpful for you. I think these forums are great!

      I’m still doing very well on the above protocol. In fact, I just reached my 1 year anniversary on Vyvanse and my BP is even more stable. I think that my body has acclimated even more.

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      This is normal for it to increase your BP! It’s a stimulant which speeds up your body’s vital signs. It’s important to monitor your blood pressure. Normal for it to increase but not more than 130-140/80. Many other factors may be occurring that are changing your normal BP too such as other medications, stress, anxiety and etc.
      off the medication, is your BP okay?
      Monitor your heart rate as well as BP. on amazon you can buy an automatic BP cuff to use. I find this helpful if I ever do feel my heart to race. Your heart will race for many other reasons such as anxiety, stress, chronic conditions, pain, allergic reactions, etc. ALWAYS report this to your doctor or pharmacist.
      Things you can do to help decrease your BP include: deep breathing, meditation (apps like simple habit or calm are my favorites), other relaxation techniques, lowering your dosage,getting more sleep, etc.
      keep a log of your medications, times you take them, times your heart is racing and things you do to decrease heart rate, whether it works or not and the outcome. This will help your doctor immensely.
      Stay calm and breathe! It will be okay!

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      I have found your posts really helpful and really surprised at how many people have been newly diagnosed at my age! I am 46 and was diagnosed 8 months ago and started Vyvanse 40 mg and then 20 on an afternoon when I remember. But my blood pressure really concerns me it’s usually around 145/96 and my HR 90, my bp was always high but gp was reluctant to start bp medication because he thought my bp was related to white coat syndrome lol! As a nurse this is very unlikely!
      I am taking lisinapril 10mg and amalodapine 5mg on a night before bed but I don’t think they’re changing my blood pressure much? Do anyone have any advice for me please? I also take Citalapram for anxiety which was prescribed years ago (7+) which I also take on a night. I take these meds on a night thinking that they will interact with my adhd medication.
      Any advice would for me please? I would be very great full because I really want to be healthy and have a full life ☺️

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        I take Losartan 50mg and Amlodipine 5mg in the morning before taking vyvanse to prevent blood pressure spikes..I take losartan 50mg in the evening..Works great for me..

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        Saralou73… I just thought I might put this thought out for discussion. I used to take cipralex (sp?) for axiety about 7 years ago but I didnt find the benefit outweighed the side effects. And now that I am doing well with the Vyvanse and much more engaged without the struggles we ADD people feel normally,one of the benefits I now have is a more sense of calm and my anxieties are manageable and basically a non issue anylonger. Personally I believe for myself that my prescription of anxiety meds was actually a product of my until recently undiagnossed ADD. This may be something for you to consider and the reason for reaching out with my post. I can’t talk to your BP questions and wish you well.

        Jerseysouthshore… so far so good for me without the BP medications but I have really become an ingredient hound and make sure to limit my sodium intake whenever possible and reduced my bread intake, and of course exercise as best I can…lol. Thanks again for your contributions.

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      Great post! I am 52 and am on vyvanse 50 omg I have been on Amlodipine 5mg for about 5 years. I took the BP meds at 8am this morning and the vyvanse at 10am. I just took my BP and it was 159/98. I know this is high. I waited 10 minutes sitting at the table breathing slowly.The second time BP was 131/99 and pulse was 72.
      Any thoughts on this would be appreciated!

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      Jerseysouthpaw…Hi, I wrote the post above and was wondering your thoughts. I take 5mg of amlodipine for high blood pressure around 8am and then Vyvanse at 10am. The whole day my blood pressure is in the high 150,s/90’s.
      I was wondering what time of day you take the BP meds and the Vyvanse.
      Thank you

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      I have been on vyvanse for 6 months and it helps tremendously. I ate unhealthy and was sedentary over the weekend. High stress with a career and busy teenagers.
      Today i felt sweaty and a tad dizzy and short of breath. I took my my bp and it was 124/81. That is high for me. Ready this thread makes me feel a little better.
      I will lower my morning caffeine, cut the salt and start exercising again.

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      I too have been on Vyvanse for several years. I started with adderall (2006), then switched to Vyvanse, and have been on Vyvanse for 6 – 7 years. My blood pressure went from 120/78 to 139/88 (average), immediately after I started taking ADHD medication. Lately, my blood pressure has crept up into the high 140’s/low 90’s. I have completely cut out caffeine (1 year now), cut way back on red meat (1 – 2 times/week), and I have stopped adding salt to my food, or eating salty snacks. My BP has not been affected by any of those measures. FYI for caffeine users – Caffeine will cause a drastic, short term spike in blood pressure after use, so if you take your BP after your morning coffee, you will likely be shocked. My psychiatrist also told me that caffeine reduces the effectiveness of the Vyvanse. I have actually gone from 70mg/day about 18 months ago, down to 40mg/day, now. Reducing the dosage also did not reduce the blood pressure. I have resisted taking BP medication (one more pill to take), but nothing else appears to be helping. I believe I will finally go to the doctor for the blood pressure, after reading some of the other posts.

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      I’m grateful to have found this post with all of your comments. I’m 47. Diagnosed just over 3 years ago. Made a huge difference with my focus and even my mood. My wife checked my BP tonight. 132/89.

      Going to check in the am before taking my vyvanse (50mg). We will see what happens!

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      Dr. Eric

      It is a stimulant, so cardiovascular issues such as BP and pulse increase are possible side-effects.

      In addition, both therapeutic response and side-effects can be very individualized, so this is an important conversation to have with your medical provider about your individualized response.

      I am generally against Dr. Google beyond general education, but, in this case, I even more strongly urge you to discuss with medical provider ASAP.

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      I’ve been on my ADHD meds since June this year and have tried Concerta XL, Medikinet and now I’m on Elvanse/Yvanse. My blood pressure has been going up significantly for me, it’s normally perfect for my age, height & weight. I’m stuck in a cycle of ADHD, meds side effects and anxiety so it’s really hard understanding and recognising the difference between the three and what’s real and what isn’t. This is the first time that I’ve had chest pains though which makes it worse!

      I’m feeling very lonely with it all so I’m happy to have found this page, I’ve calmed down a lot reading all of your comments.

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      Guvna McBacon

      @mollymay12 Keep going through the different types of meds if they’re not feeling right with a psychiatrist specialized in ADHD. ADHD and anxiety are just terms for a bucket of behaviors. They don’t define what is actually going on. It’s all brain chemistry. At this point, I’m not aware of any common way that a psychiatrist can define the exact brain-chemical can make-up, which is why different meds work worse or better for different people. For example, I landed on dextroamphetamine and now take Vyvanse. My son was on Adderall, but when puberty hit him it wasn’t as effective and so he went through a number of other meds before finding that Focalin worked the best. My approach is to work with an LMHC on a bi-weekly to monthly basis for counseling and check in with a psychiatrist every three months for just meds management. That way you get the best of both worlds and I’m lucky that my medical insurance covers both.

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      Hi, it’s been awhile since you posted but wanted to tell you my similar type experience. I’ve been recently diagnosed with ADHD at 50 years old and it has been life-changing. So many answered internal questions about myself which brought some relief. I was put on Vyvanse and it helps me a lot. It gives me the energy and clarity to live as happily as I can. Very blessed they have medications to treat the intrinsic, difficult health issues some of us have. My blood pressure was getting much higher in general due to weight gain and poor eating habits so I brought it up to my doctor and he agreed it was time to add it, especially with concurrent use of Vyvanse. I bought a bp monitor and measure every day, sometimes twice. It has gone down with the 50mg Losartan dose (once daily). Only sometimes it will still read high so I’ll be asking if I need to go up.
      My experience has been fruitful with the bp meds and I’m happy to take them. I take an anti-depressant, a mood stabilizer, heartburn medication, anti-anxiety meds if needed, and now bp medication…that’s 5. I’ve learned to be content and happy with my meds, they help, and I deserve, and you deserve it.

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