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    How long until you see VYVANSE kick in just curious once I cold turkey aderall it led to my depression so just curious I know it’s only my 2nd day so gotta be patient with the medication suggestions and taking it every day in the morning at 10 am that’s a biggie

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    I’ve not taken Adderall myself for I’d say 5 years as it was causing mood swings as well as rapid cycling,I’d not cold turkey off of it unless seen by a doc,I stopped concerta cold turkey and went straight to Vyvanse which for myself was working a few days after,I prefer Vyvanse over alot of other stums as it’s worked best for me

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      How long should I wait with VYVANSE 20 mg it’s been 2 days so far I cold turkey back in March my aderall XR and I get inpulses when using my iPhone such as clicking on apps and then closing them a min later and then staring to see what app I wanna use and also Inpulses on my ps4

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      Vyvanse you don’t really feel much. Adderall gives you more of a rush feeling where you feel more motivated. In my own personal experience. However adderall makes me feel more up and down.

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    What are you expecting to “kick in”? The effects of Vyvanse should hit you on the 1st or 2nd day taking it. Vyvanse is basically Adderall but chemically modified to control the way your body absorbs and utilizes it over time. Are you taking a comparable dose as you were Adderall? If you are taking 20 mg Vyvanse, you should have been taking 10 mg Adderall or 2x 5mg Adderall. If you are doing a mg to mg dose switch, you are unlikely to get the effects from Vyvanse, it needs to be about double or 1.5x the Adderall dose.

    How did you take the Adderall that led to the side effects? You may also want to try Straterra or Focalin, everyone is a little bit different. Also there are other dosing schemes that you can use for Adderall that may also lessen the side effects.

    For the impulsivity, you should supplement your medication with a good ADHD coach or CBT therapist. You probably need a little extra support to work through the impulsiveness even with medication.

    Good luck!

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      I’m actually just taking the 20 mg of VYVANSE by its self was taking aderall XR 5 mg generic version just been feeling a bit depressed the last 2 days it’s now my 3rd day just wanna see how it goes I’m meeting with the doctor tomorow for a Quick follow up the thing is I’ve been dealing with bad depression once I stopped aderall cold turkey in March so first I gotta treat my anxiety and depression first then slowly introduce the VYVANSE

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