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      Do any ADHD parents notice that their child is LOUD? My son seems to have no volume control when he speaks.

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      LOL um Yes! Not that it’s laughable, but my son is L-O-U-D! I usually tend to just give a gentle one-word reminder (the word “voice”) and then we carry on with our conversation. He’s gotten better with one-on-one conversations, but if you put him with a group of kids and there is no quieting him. But if I’m reading the situation and none of the other kids seem to mind AND he’s being social, playing AND making eye contact with his peers then I don’t address his volume.

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      Penny Williams

      This is quite common in kids with ADHD, Hyperactive Type. I think there’s a correlation to sensory issues, as they can often cause kids to not have an awareness of their bodies (and voice, by extension).

      Here’s an online self-test you can complete to see if your child might have Sensory Processing Disorder as well:

      [Self-Test] Sensory Processing Disorder in Children

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      YES!!! My son talks nonstop and the volume of his voice tends to rise if he’s talking about something that really interests him. We have a hand signal we use to let him know he’s getting loud and then he adjusts his volume. It doesn’t embarrass him while his friends are around because we dont say anything to him.

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