Violated Patient agreement using medical marijuana and Dr is refusing refill

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      Please help!

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      Participant’re not giving folks much to go on here.

      You violated your patient agreement by using Dr. recommended MJ?

      What is it the MD won’t refill?

      Take a deep breath..these things will usually work themselves out.

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      How’s the medical marijuana does it help with depression and anxiety just curious thinking about doing medical marijuana

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      This is, unfortunately, a common problem. If you have an agreement with your doctor that you wont take certain controlled substances, like marijuana, and then you do … even if you have a prescription … they can refuse to refill your prescriptions. The hospital I go to is even worse … they will fire you as a patient … completely kick you out of the office and refuse treatment for anything that isn’t government mandated care.

      So BEFORE taking something like medical marijuana … OR (for other people) if you are in a state that has just legalized Marijuana … check with your doctor before using it. Just because the law changed or just because you have a prescription doesn’t mean that your agreement changed.

      The agreement isn’t really about the law. Its about what the doctor thinks you should and should not use. It may not be fair … but its really a response to all the mistakes that were made that lead to the opioid crisis. They are over reacting… but there you go.

      For the OP … I would contact the doctor that prescribed the medical marijuana and ask them to contact the doctor you have an agreement with and tell them why you need the marijuana. Prove that its actually for medical reasons and then be honest and respectful and see if you can work something out. Remember, doctors don’t have to give you anything. Your meds are not a right. So go hat in hand, say you didn’t know it would be a problem, your sorry but you really need your medication and you’d like to see if you can work this out.

      If you can get the support from the doctor you prescribed the marijuana … and you aren’t acting like an addict but a person who is just trying to get meds to help with their health … then your doctor will probably cut you some slack.

      I’m sorry, I wish I had a better suggestion. I was in a similar situation six months ago after my state legalized pot so I decided to try it for the first time in my life thinking it would be okay because it was legal … i was wrong. Fortunately, it worked out, but for a lot of people its more complicated. Google has lots of news articles and forum posts on the subject.

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