Urine detector?

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      Does anyone know of a substance I can spray on and around my toilet that will change colors with urine? Either we have a leak that only happens when a person in my house who has ADHD uses it while standing up (the leak never happens when he’s sitting or when I use it) or his aim is terrible. He refuses to consider the latter a possibility, but he also can’t sit through a 5-minute video without losing interest or falling asleep.

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      try a blacklight in a darkened room.

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      Hi, blacklight is good, but if toilet and floor are white it’s hard to see. If you have a little rug w/o a nap (flat)
      Good luck!

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      I guess my wife would like one being autistic+dd and when standing will spray around try to clean it up.She has suggested me siting but hate to lose all my manhood.

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      Dr. Eric

      Why is it so important to prove this point?

      What are you hoping for an outcome?

      Let’s say such a product exists.. (probably doesn’t)… would that really change the denial?

      If you had proof that said person misses the toilet during urination, and they finally admit it… now what?

      I understand that this may be disgusting. The denials are probably infuriating.

      However, I suspect that you could get Chris Hansen to do a full-blown Dateline NBC investigative piece to solve this “mystery”. What will improve?

      It seems to me that the best answer is to change the chore list so that said person is responsible for clean-up of that bathroom. Then, regardless of the reason why, it is either clean, or it is not.

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