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      Has anyone experienced urinary retention from taking Adderall here and has resolved it? I have the feeling that I need to go pee really bad all of a sudden and then when I go it seems to take some to come and is slow initially. Also I am severely dry mouthed which I think is a common phenomenon. Urniary issues are labelled as some of the side effects of other medications mentioned online but not specifically for adderall. I was able to view some forums regarding people facing the same issue including release of semen as well while urinating, before or after.

      When I explained these issues my doctor shifted me to Focalin but am not enjoying the experience after 3 weeks of using it. The forums talk about the issues but no one mentions any possible solutions achieved. Would really appreicate if someone has any insight on this? I was thinking maybe I should ask the doctor to put me on maybe Vyvanse since its the “newer” cousin of adderall and might have less side effects. Also maybe reduce the dosage and see igf that does the trick.

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      On Vyvanse and experience the same side effects. Have less side effects when properly hydrated. When not so hydrated, definitely have harder time urinating and experience more semen in pee.

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      Both of your concerns are related to mechanism of action of these drugs. All the drugs listed are are going to increase the levels of norepinephrine at the synapse, while the central effects of this are associated with increased focus, attention, and wakefulness, a possible peripheral effect is activation of adrenergic receptors on the trigone muscle on the neck of the urethra. The smooth muscle contracts and cause a decrease in the diameter of the urethra. All of the aphetamines and methylphenidate drugs will cause this. If you discontinue the medication urination should return to normal. It’s a tough situation because there isn’t much else out there that will treat ADD other than the amphetamines and methylphenidate. I’d suggest maybe exploring non pharmacological treatments if the urination is intolerable or maybe consulting your doctor and pharmacist about implementing a drug like Tamsulosin or Alfuzosin. These drugs are used to treat BPH by antagonizing the Alpha 1 receptors on the smooth muscle surrounding the urethra. I’m not familiar with any guidelines recommending this however and I would definitely discourage their use if you have hypotension.

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        Just to say that I have experienced the same issue with Elvanse (which is Lisdexamfetamine – the same as Vyvanse). I was looking around to see if this was common. It does seem to happen in some people, but not many.

        I found some information that might be helpful to others finding this thread, which basically backs-up what KLEMON422 has said.

        Although it does only refer to amphetamine, and methylphenidate is not amphetamine and works on a different system. I can’t find any mention of difficulty passing urine with methylphenidate, so I would be interested to know if anyone has experienced the same effects with it.



        Which says:

        “Pharmacologic actions of amphetamines are qualitatively similar to those of ephedrine and include CNS and respiratory stimulation and sympathomimetic activity including pressor response, bronchodilation, and contraction of the urinary bladder sphincter.

        And there is this:

        “Other Smooth Muscles. In general, smooth muscles respond to amphetamine as they do to other sympathomimetic amines. The contractile effect on the sphincter of the urinary bladder is particularly marked, and for this reason amphetamine has been used in treating enuresis and incontinence. Pain and difficulty in micturition occasionally occur.


        Goodman & Gilman’s
        The Pharmacological Basis of THERAPEUTICS
        eleventh edition
        ISBN-10: 9780071422802

        Chapter 10
        Thomas C. Westfall and David P. Westfall
        Pg 257

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      So glad you wrote about this. I’m a 62 year old woman with normal urinary incontinence for a woman who gave birth vaginally twice. A few weeks ago, I stopped taking Adderall because it made me too hyper and obsessive. Took no meds for a week until I could get back on Vyvance. During the hiatus, I realized my incontinence was back with a vengeance. Hadn’t really noticed that on the Adderall, I had normal bladder control. What a great side effect/benefit for me. Your note here confirmed it wasn’t my imagination. Now that I’m back on Vyvance, I’ll pay more attention to see if it stops the incontinence too. My dosage of Vyvance is tiny – 10mg in morning and 10mg at dinner – it’s the children’s chewable dosage.

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