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      Hi, I would really appreciate any advice you can give me on this. I have two letters from psychiatrists confirming that I have ADHD. The problem is they are dated 1-2 years ago. The university is saying they are outdated. I can’t afford to see another private psychiatrist at this stage. Obviously, adult ADHD is a lifelong condition and the diagnosis doesn’t go away within 1-2 years. Does anyone know of any NHS, NICE or Equality Act 2010 etc guidelines regarding how long a post-16 (year old) diagnosis is valid for? Thank you so much in advance!

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      Hi, I’m not sure where you could go to get a more up to date diagnosis but we are currently seeking legal advice about an education issue for our son with adhd in the uk and have been referred to IPSEA which is a charity that supports children and young people in education and can provide legal guidance about how you can proceed. You can book an appointment on their website for advice on your specific problems so they may be able to assist.

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