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      My daughter is 9 and was diagnosed with ADHD toward the beginning of this school year. ODD has not been diagnosed but sometimes I really wonder if that is going on as well. She currently takes Adderall 10mg once a day and Prozac 20 mg once a day. Most nights she takes clonidine to help her sleep. She has moments of being an absolutely beautiful well-behaved child. Then one minor thing happens and then all the wheels fall off. I am in constant worry when she is away from me because I am afraid something might happen. She gets mad, throws things, hits, scratches herself. I compare it to climbing a mountain. The anger keeps escalating, escalating. All the while I am trying to bring her down. Trying to stop her from breaking something or destroying things. But once she gets to the peak, it is like she just breaks down and then I can somewhat reason with her. But getting there is so incredibly rough. She doesn’t have these anger issues at school but I am in constant worry that I will get a call saying she has done something. I am just exhausted with it all. My hubby doesn’t understand any of it and doesn’t offer much help except for punishments. She has trouble listening at school but not really the behavior problems. She is very very impulsive with both her actions and words. I did not realize the anger that goes with ADHD. Does anyone else deal with this? What do you do to help your child. I am at such a loss. Thank you.

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      Hi there, I am very new to this journey and I’m not sure that I can offer any advice as such so mine is more of a “I hear you and am with you,” kind of a response. My daughter is six and homeschooled and though we pretty much knew for a long while that we were looking at ADHD, we only just sought out medical intervention. We opted to medicate too but now have a referral for behavioral health because yes, the ODD and impulsive behaviors are not things most people understand to be part of this condition. Your analogies about mountains and the wheels coming off are spot on. While I was seeking out help for my daughter, my doctor decided to refer me for behavioral health for myself and I wasn’t too impressed at the time, but honestly it’s probably going to be a game changer. My stress levels are insane (my husband adores our kiddo but tends to look to me to solve all ills too because he has PTSD and Aspergers and the consistency these kiddos need just isn’t there, so I hear you on that one too) and so the doctor has been trying to work on relaxation with me ahead of starting the behavioral therapy with my daughter. I think in truth, living with these kind of conditions is going to take so many approaches, isn’t it – are you able to access any of that for yourself or for your kiddo? Our pediatrician told us that the medication works best on the inattentiveness (and like you, we’re seeing good results there), but not so much on the impulsive behavior which is where the ODD and SPD’s responding better to behavioral health comes in. As I say, we are completely new to the treatment aspects of this and I am watching a building frustration and sometimes anger in my daughter too, so I am probably too new to offer you the ‘do this, try this’ approach that would probably be really helpful to you. But I can hand hold and commiserate and share all the things I learn along the way if you like? Hoping for the best of weekends for you mama.

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      My daughter has the same problems. She is 5 and has ADHD and ODD. She has been kicked out of four daycares, the last one a month ago when she slapped the director in the face when they were trying to calm her down after an explosion from not wanting to practice pre k graduation. She only really has her explosions at certain places and at certain people. She takes adderall but honestly I don’t feel like anything is going to stop the emotional explosions. I recently started her in counseling to maybe try and help her learn techniques to control her anger and learn that sometimes the answer is going to be no and she has to be okay with that. It seems to be helping a little, and at this point the last thing I want to do is have to give her more meds. With kindergarten coming up I hope that the counselor will have had enough time with her to help her. It’s a struggle and not all of us can quit our jobs and stay at home or afford all the best treatment so we all do what we can to help our children be the their best. I hope that everything works out, and a little prayer does help too:)

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      Penny Williams

      I have lots of insights to share on emotions and anger and ADHD. But, first, I want to mention a little-known drug interaction between Prozac/ Paxil and Amphetamines (Adderall, Vyvanse, Evekeo…). Dr. Charles Parker has talked about this many times, here’s his video on the subject: http://www.corepsych.com/2012/09/adhd-insights-prozac-paxil-ampehtamines/.

      Poor emotional awareness and regulation are very common with ADHD. Age 9 is about when my son finally started having some self-awareness, so that we could work on emotional regulation (and other self-regulation strategies), so your daughter is at about the right age to start addressing this with success. I love the program, The Zones of Regulation, that our OT introduced us to. It offers great visuals to label emotions and feelings, and then strategies to move into more appropriate/comfortable zones.

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