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      so I suspect I have ADHD and posted on here 8 months ago saying,

      “Throughout school I have never been able to concentrate in the slightest and still ‘zone-out’ during lessons now and literally walk out of class having not learned anything and I am also very easily distracted, I’ve always been labelled as ‘Lazy’ & ‘space cadet’, the latter of which one of my teachers currently calls me now. I am always losing wallets, bags, laptops and phones (I lost my laptop and phone twice last week) and I really struggle with organisation. I can never work on hard tasks until deadlines are looming which kicks me into that ‘super-focus’ and the work I produce under serious deadline pressure is often my best and scores high marks. I wouldn’t say I’m hyperactive yet I do often feel ‘driven’ and I am a very fast walker ( I’m 5″9 and I have friends that are way taller than me that tell me to slow down all the time), I also constantly Jig my leg up and down whenever I’m sitting down and I am not aware I’m doing it until someone tells me to stop as it’s annoying them and I often fidget with my hands. I also tend to make careless mistakes with my work and can never listen to some people even when looking directly at them. I am looking to pursue industrial design at university so you could say I’m a ‘creative’ person which I know a lot of people with ADD tend to be.

      Background info – I am a twin – my twin brother was diagnosed with dyspraxia from a young age so perhaps a lot of learning support was focused on him and I slipped under the radar? I was also 9 weeks premature. I’m not an expert but I have read that twins and premature babies are more likely to have ADHD so thought I would mention it. I also have an uncle who has schizophrenia. without trying to sound cocky, I’d like to think that I’m reasonably intelligent and have never failed any exams, even with a lack of concentration at school and at home so maybe because I was never struggling (on paper) it was never picked up?”

      Fast forward 8 months to now… I am now pursuing industrial design at university and hoped my ‘symptoms’ would go away as it is a subject I am very interested in. Unfortunately they haven’t disappeared. I am now contemplating seeking a private diagnosis that costs £500 ($640.50), I have the money but am aware that it is still quite a substantial financial commitment, although in the grand scheme of a college education it is minuscule and could prove to be life changing. I just want to make sure that I am not barking up the wrong tree before committing to a costly but potentially hugely important assessment.

      Do my symptoms warrant an assessment? Any advice would be greatly appreciated

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      Penny Williams

      If you suspect ADHD, it warrants investigation. If you’re struggling to succeed, that also warrants investigation. You can take this online self-test and see if it supports your suspicions as well:

      [Self-Test] Could You Have Adult ADHD / ADD?

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Trainer & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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      Ok, so yesterday I was diagnosed with the inattentive sub-type of ADHD (Finally bit the bullet and booked an assessment)

      It was something I had been suspecting of for the best part of a year so didn’t exactly come as a shock but was hugely relieving to find the reason as to why the last 18 years of my life have been like this, I’d like to thank ADHDmomma for finally convincing me to get it sorted out.

      Hopefully the only way forwards from here is upwards and I don’t intend on the ADHD label affecting me as I am going to learn how deal with it, Concerta was recommended although at this point I’m unsure about the medication and would rather come up with strategies that deal with my inattention and other tendencies that come with ADHD.

      Once again thank you, I will continue to use ADDITUDE to help with my progresson from here

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