Unremarkable, forgetable childhood but it's needed for diagnosis

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      Hello. I am in late 20s. Was ordered by my psychiatrists do do do called DIVA 2.0 tests. Section about adult life I’d fill with yes, Yes and YES! answers, but my childhood (6-12) I basically don’t remember. I had no my room, so no mess. My mother was working in my school, so no missed busses, and mostly I had the pen. But well, I only tool pen to school.

      I had no neighbours so no friends outside school. I had good grades for nothing, because “class” size varied between 11 and 15 (teacher did two years at once in classroom). I THINK I did class content asap and read the rest of schoolbooks. I had no computer till the age of 10. I was in farmer’s family, so I was supposed to work hard after school like other kids, but I did absolutely nothing. Gathering potatoes from the ground in the field, picking blueberries, or throwing small wood parts from the table saw to nearby place was absolute nightmare for me, I wanted to run away after a minute. I read a lot of books, like encyclopedia and mother’s books for different classes. Problem is that due to boredom I liked almost every class and they WERE easy.

      But what I wrote here is not super similar to examples given in DIVA test.

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      Penny Williams

      There’s more to an adult diagnosis than one test. You need to find a clinician who will talk with you about your childhood and adult life too.

      Who Should Evaluate Me for Adult ADHD?

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