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      Hello, great and useful site Ive been lurking for a while but didnt want to co9me and mess your forums up by postiung irrelevant stuff, I’m still not sure I’m goiung to be diagnosed ADHD, but I made some important first steps on a road to somewhwere, somwewhere mbewtter hopefully.

      My GP is very understanding, all my local GPs down here in a rural Devopn village have been vbrilliant.

      I’m sorry about the wall of text, Ive justr reprinted the ‘notes’ my GP asked me to make about some relevant symptomss before I went for my appointmant today 😀

      Will try top keep updated, theres a lof of psychological stuff, not just ADHD related i’ver been trying to deal with over the last few years, will be discussing marriage, divorce, prolific drug use, and the quality of my erections amongst other fascinatinbg topics

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      hi, any updates on your journey? I am undiagnosed currently as well but am starting my journey and feel nervous about not taking seriously as an adult.

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        I’m a 49 year old undiagnosed male too, also going through some stuff. Let us know how you go on. If you need to chat or see what I’ve sent my doctor let me know. Good luck

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