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      ok, so I have adhd, I was diagnosed as an adult. I have a lady friend, who also has adhd, and was diagnosed as a child. when we see each other in person, its great then. but the rest of the time we rely on texting to keep in touch. this is where it gets mind boggling, for me. there’s times I write and we chat back and forth. then there’s times when I message and there’s no response. I’ve gotten explanations like “in my mind I responded”, or “other people have said the same thing” or “i forgot to hit send”, among other excuses. this is where we differ, I am always quick to respond to most messages. I really have a hard time understanding why she doesn’t respond, and I just can’t help it, but I just take it so personally. uggh… when this happens I just sit here letting my anxiety take over, and wondering what do I do next? did I say something wrong? am I just being annoying? should I just leave her alone and wait till she writes me? can anyone relate to this situation, and explain what I should do when this happens?

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      Penny Williams

      Many people with ADHD have trouble with executive functions, like planning, organization, working memory, etc… It can make it difficult to follow through and get things done. The explanations she gives sound like a product of her ADHD.

      Try asking her what you should do when you don’t receive a response. Is it ok with her if you text again if you don’t hear from her after a certain period of time, for example.

      If she’s telling you it isn’t personal, try to believe her. While it may feel personal on the receiving end, absent any explanation, that could be anxiety and not the fact of the matter.

      ADDitude Community Moderator, Parenting ADHD Coach, Podcaster & Author, Mom to teen w/ ADHD, LDs, and autism

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