Twice Exceptional kids – how do we prove they need supports

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      My 17 yo son emailed his teacher to say he was overwhelmed with schoolwork- he has had VERY rough year with school avoidance and was even hospitalized for suicidal ideations in February. This is teachers response:

      I appreciate your stress due to exams and projects. We are all feeling the pressure right now. There are many Juniors who are taking 2,3 and even 4 AP exams over the next couple of weeks. While I appreciate your stress, the Honors Project and Demonstration are a large portion of the class.
      I spoke with your guidance counselor and we agreed that if you choose not to do the project we could allow you to move to a Regents class. Although this is not usually allowed this late in the year, we would make an exception for you. If you would like to make the change please let one of us know.
      I hope this option helps.

      He told me he doesn’t want to drop out of Honors class because it will affect his ability to take advanced physics next year. That is the class he’s been looking forward to since 9th grade because he wants to be an astrophysicist.

      What would you guys do?

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      I would request a meeting with the teacher, guidance counselor, and anyone else you think it would be helpful to have there. Does he have a 504 or IEP? Can he get an extended deadline, or provide some alternative assignment or work that would show his understanding of the concepts that the project is demonstrating? He shouldn’t have to be moved to a Regents class if accommodations can be made.

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      Since he has missed so much instruction and project work, is repeating the class an option for him?

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      Penny Williams

      Is the school aware of his diagnosis? If so, he should be accommodated in a way that he can succeed in the honors classes. The teacher’s note says to me that they’re not aware or that they don’t understand the impact. When he said he’s stressed, she heard it as she hears it from many students during this time of year.

      I would also have some discussions with your son on more effective ways to advocate for himself. It’s super awesome that he took the initiative to reach out to the teacher to advocate for himself. Truly. Now, he needs some help making those more effective conversations. He should state why he has the problem or needs help (disability), and what he thinks will help him/what he needs.

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